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FlyMan 10-26-2005 10:17 PM

Wrap Finish/Color Preserver Compatibility
I'm about ready to order my first rod building kit which comes with FlexCoat finish/adhesives. I would like to use a color preserver (which is not included) for the wraps but cannot find one made by FlexCoat available from where I am ordering, but they do offer both Trondak and Gudebrod CP.

Can anyone tell me if there is any problem with using a color preserver made by either of those two companies with the FlexCoat Rod Wrapping Lite Finish? Or, any other combination of companies product with others for that matter?

Or, is it better to stick with one company's whole finish/adhesive product line for all rod building?

Thank you!

marketic 11-01-2005 08:34 PM

color preserver compatibility?
You shouldn't have to worry about color preserver compatibility when using Flex Coat. Any color preserver (within normal shelf-life bracket!) will work fine as long as you let the coats dry inbetween applications.

Gudebrod makes a good one (their new one thins with water instead of lacquer thinner, a nice improvement).

But here's a thought: I've built more then 20 fly rods, all for personal use. I just built a 13' 6" Sage double hander and tried a new approach: NO COLOR PRESERVER ON THE THREAD WRAPS.

Why? Because I was sick and tired of "crazing" (cracks and discoloration appearing in the Flex Coat finish, especially on the thread wrappings around the feet of the stripper guides).

Here's a story: I built a SAGE 9150-4 a fgew years ago: I put a tremendous amount of time into the wraps and colors and the finish coats-- the rod was an absolute beauty! On its maiden voyage I hook and land a 25 lb steelhead (true story). Not much of a fight, but a big fish nevertheless. I beach it, turn it loose, slap myself on the back, then a week or so later I notice that the Flex Coat finish on BOTH stripper guides on the 9150-4 had cracked and discolored. I felt like I'd been kicked in the stomach-- re-doing Flex Coat is not an easy task!!

So I figured out the reason--- Using color preserver can trap air in the thread wraps which in turn keeps the Flex Coat from soaking into the threads properly and producing a strong bond. So long story short, with no color preserver used on my latest SAGE rod, I went up to the North country this October and hooked lots of burly steelhead. LO and behold, no cracking of the Flex Coat on the stripper guides! The thread (purple and gold!) looks as new as the day the rod was built. I can't quite see what improvement thread color preserver would have done to make it look better. Just something to keep in mind when you build your new rod. Good Luck...

flyfisher151 03-06-2006 03:32 AM

No color preservative.
I agree with marketic in using no color preservative on my heavier weight rods, both fly and spin. Think about it.:confused: If you use color preservative on the rod you make a connection with the thread to the blank with something that is water soluable and brittle, sort of like thined out Elmers glue. On the other hand if you just use the epoxy finish on the thread and work it in well on the first coat then you have a solid bond to the blank and not just a shell over the brittle color preservative. I use the Flexcoat Lite finish on my blanks which I really push in the first coat to get the thread soaked so it bonds to the blank. You will need to go back and either flame or blow through a straw to get those pesky bubbles out.
Do this right after you apply the first coat and while the rod is spinning. If you are new to building don't try the flaming tech. :tsk_tsk: Keep the first coat really thin so it will be easier to get the bubbles out. After that you can put on 1 or 2 additional coats on the thread to make it purty. Good luck and have fun. :hihi:

FishHawk 03-06-2006 04:23 AM

No color preserve for me either. As to the discoloration, make sure that you seal the base of the striping guide where it meets the blank. Water can seep in and discolor the wrap. Just a suggestion. It's happened to me. FishHawk

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