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juro 09-06-2001 01:57 PM

Trout season is coming into it's prime again...
I remember a day I spent on Thoreau's retreat, Walden Pond, a year or two back that started just like today. You see I had a half-consumed bottle of spring water in the cup-holder when I started my truck. When I took a drink, it was crisp and cold - the first day of the year when the night air chilled my spring water.

Except this time I was not heading to Walden, but instead to the office. So I ask - is anyone testing the sweetwater this week?

Dble Haul 09-06-2001 03:00 PM

Juro- I keep telling myself that I'm going to do some more trout fishing, but the blues and bonito keep beckoning me back to the coast.......:-)

Seriously though, there was a good black summer caddis hatch a few days ago that I came across early in the morning. It was good enough to take a few browns and satiate me for awhile. But now one of my buddies is dragging me to Rhode Island this weekend to see if we can't cause another ruckus. Well, he's really not dragging me.


John Desjardins 09-06-2001 03:12 PM

I think we need a little rain to get things going. My experience has been that October to thanksgiving is the best time of the year to be out on a trout stream. For the next month I'll be lucky to get out once or twice.
Anyone for a commuter clave?

juro 09-06-2001 04:51 PM

Yes, you can count me in. Last year Jared had the unfair advantage with that fly of his. I plan to have something up my sleeve this fall...

Domenic 09-08-2001 02:25 AM

The trout fishing should pickup a bit next week.

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