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peter-s-c 10-10-2005 05:59 PM

Got the 9/10 Dredger wet
and the skunk is off the rod

but it was only a bass . . . .

Dave showed me some new water on the Grand it was perfect for slinging big uglies -- deep pocket water. Worked very nicely. Also had a chance on another run to test out how far it would go. Works short as well as it works long.

My line only totals 765 -- light compared to what others are using on 9/10s (900 - 950) but I don't like hucking all that grain weight around the countryside. I'll save the big weights for the young studs . . . .

The river colour wasn't too bad, off-colour but not chocolate milk, but still too warm yet for major runs. Saw some small trout rising but that was it for salmonids.

Still, it beat work . . . .

also got my right foot and butt wet -- gotta fix those leaks . . . .

peter-s-c 10-11-2005 08:45 AM


The rod has smoothly progressive, medium stiff action so I've tried it with a DT-9-F salmon floater and a DT-10-S Type II salmon line -- worked very nicely. As a conventional rod, it's more of an 8/9 and very light, so the rod shouldn't be thought of as a one dimensional, short, heavy head slinger. Earlier on, I had also tried someone else's 9/10 with my 485 grain, 9/10 Guideline heads and they went very well on it.

This rod certainly should be on the short list for anyone wanting a good all-round 14 footer in the 8/9/10 range.

Charlie 10-11-2005 08:57 AM

Interesting review Peter,

How is the backbone on that rod? I am looking for a second 14 9wt. for Atlantic fishing, but Id like one with a lot of backbone for horseing out some of the bigger fish. Every year I get one the rips me a new one on my current 14 9wt.


peter-s-c 10-11-2005 09:25 AM

I'll only know for sure when I tie into one myself, but while reefing on a snag, it bent fairly deeply into the butt, but with plenty of reserve in the middle. There's no sense that any part of the blank will fold over and surrender like some of the softer rods of this size will do.

Seems to have plenty of butt strength for the big'uns.

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