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Domenic 07-13-2001 03:05 AM

Missoula Montana
I will be fishing the Missoula area Sept 8-16.Any info [hatches,and river]would be a great help.
Thanks in advance,

juro 07-13-2001 06:32 AM

Domenic -

I am sure there are folks who fished there who will enlighten you, but I wanted to mention that Joe Sowerby of the Montana Flyfishing Connection will be coming on-line with us soon. Fishing must be good because we are having a hard time connecting lately (on both sides! ;-)).

I'll ping him again and at the very least I'll send you his contact info. It might even be up on the Forum in time for your trip.


Hawkeye 07-13-2001 01:38 PM

I've never fished it this time of year but I absolutely LOVE fishing Rock Creek just east of Missoula. Until recently I made an annual trip there at the end of June. At that time of year we had our best luck with stone and salmon fly nymphs above a san juan worm. For drys we would use stone and salmon flys then fall back to a variety of smaller flys. Rock Creek is paralleled by a small dirt road and while there can be a number of people fishing it it really feels like a wilderness trip. My favorite spots are from the Bitterroot Flats upstream. There is a fly shop at the begining of the dirt road and while a little eccentric they have always been very helpful with info esp. if you buy something. There are many, many, many big fish in this creek and I think it is well managed. I'll post a pic when I get a chance.


George and Michael Estey a couple miles up from Bitterroot Flats on Rock Creek, Montana

FrenchCreek 07-30-2001 10:54 PM

Hi Dominic
Call my buddy in Bozeman Montana, he guides around there and may be able to help you out.
I'll be on the Cape when you are here but if you wanted to do the Bow or the Elk, let me know and I'll try to arrange something for you. Missoula is a relatively short drive to Fernie BC home of the Elk and Calgary is about 4 1/2 hours away from Missoula.

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