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fishhead 09-06-2005 02:30 PM

Just Joined!
Greetings from North Carolina! I have been fishing off and on over the years and gave up chasing Largemouth Bass with spinning and casting gear in the '90s in favor of my favorite "trash fish" Bowfin, big Cats, Carp and big Gar. Then pretty much stopped doing that for a few years. Two years ago I purchased my first fly rod and am now chasing Bass again.....along with bluegill, crappie, catfish and during my annual trip to southeast AK, Silver Salmon - 6th trip is upcoming in less than two weeks. Now that I really am getting hooked on flyfishing, the Carp, and Gar are soon to be in trouble, too. lol!

Dble Haul 09-06-2005 03:14 PM

Welcome aboard.

I have a soft spot in my heart for warmwater species too. I especially enjoy the bass and pike. Be sure to check out our warmwater sections and feel free to contribute.

fishhead 09-07-2005 06:38 AM

Thanks-Double Haul!
Though I'm relatively new to the fly world, I have been fishing since the early '60s (my folks have a B/W snapshot of my brother and I with Zebcos in the surf at Myrtle Beach, SC from about 1964) and I'm now only 47 years young. Hopefully lots of casts left in me. Not being quite the purist yet though, as a newbie to the game you may see some unorthodox and heretical flies in my pix. Already I have managed to snap a 5 wt tip (SA rod) and wear completely out a cheap reel(SA entry level) and am getting ready to purchase a "real" reel and maybe a Sage, St. Croix or GLoomis rod or two soon. Here's a recent big mouth! :biggrin:

juro 09-07-2005 07:44 AM

Wearing out tackle is a sure sign you're doing something RIGHT :lildevl:


Glenora Ghillie 09-07-2005 04:14 PM


I'm new to the board too, but your metioning of gar got me all key'd up. Target them with a fly, you won't be sorry. wire bite tippet and a rope fly. Rope fly: Tie a 6-8" braided nylon rope on to your 3/0 hook behind the eye and cut the cut at the top of the bend so its just the shank. Attach holo-eyes and epoxy over eyes. Brush out nylon and your ready. Use strong rod(7-9wt.) and cast to gulping fish or where you think they are hanging out and when they hit strip strike. Hang on!!!!! :Eyecrazy: Really good fun! Here is a an excerpt from my friends fishing report in July, who got them in Lake Champlain.. .(I was so jealous). :roll:

"...The water was murky but I saw them! GAR!!! Made a few casts with a rope fly and next thing I know I've got a BIG gar on the line! Wow! Kind of scary landing a monster gar for the first time. The bill was about 10" long or better. Grabbed around it with the glove and went to measure it when the gar shook and I dropped it as the beak whacked my chest! Glad I had a shirt on! ;-) 45" of gar fury!

The next bohemoth jumped about 2' to 3' out of the water 3 times! Unreal. 44". This lake was just LOADED with HUGE GAR! The biggest fish I see in other bodies of water were AVERAGE over here! I worked up the shoreline and my jaw dropped as I saw probably 100 gar - ALL WERE 40" to 50" or better! I caught 5 or 6 more then things finally slowed up around 4 pm. I found them again and hooked a monster that ran and ran! Eventually I got it in. 48" long and probably 12lbs. Not far away from the State record! I tried flagging down a boat to get a picture with no luck. Then I remembered that they are gar and can breathe air. So I motored to the nearest launch and found a couple people to snap some shots. I can't wait to get them developed! Anyways, I'll be back on this lake as soon as I can....UNREAL GAR ACTION!!! BTW, no one else was fishing for them. Gee, that's too bad ;-)...."

Good luck,


flyjkol 09-07-2005 06:37 PM

I wouldnt write off any of your "trash fish" as flyfishing oppritunities. Flyfishing is a great way to target underutilized fish, there are many carp fisherman on the forum who know an awful lot about catching the poor mans bonefish. Gar are also fun though really hard to hook... My personal favorite are bowfin, especially sight fishing with smaller flies.

welcome to the forum

fishhead 09-08-2005 07:11 AM

thanks guys for the welcome and replies...
My personal best gar (though non-fly caught) is 54 inches-measured and weight guess-timated of 18-19 pounds. THAT guy was a beast! and most gar I've caught were sight fished with cut bait under a float. So I'll just adapt my water craft and stalking to the flyrod. I'm familiar with the gar's bony, toothy mouth and head and did get slashed by "ole needle teeth" across the knuckles 2 years back by a yard long mad fish right when I went to de-hook it. I bled like crazy. Guess he didn't like the pliers getting near his eye! LOL! The nylon rope fly is also used for spinning gear gar fishing as is the panty hose lure. I tie up some "nyla-flys" soon and see if I can tease one into a strike. great to be aboard.

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