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QuebecSporting 09-04-2005 09:32 PM

Color !!??

I'm on a new investigation guys!! :rolleyes:

So, I want to know your preferred color of water to fsih..

emerald ?
light tea ?
green ?
dark tea ?

Do you feel your chances better on a dark river vs a clear river ?

Ann :wink:

fcch 09-05-2005 09:02 AM

Hey Ann!!


I like to fish over Salmon that are IN a nice flow (instead of hovering in a Big Pool).

That said, ... and expecially as we had such low flows this summer, ... I like the slightly yellow off colour water on our river up here.

After the water comes up, it goes down really fast here, ... so the water clears up REALLY fast. After the recent rain, ... the river came up over 7 feet (and over the road!!) it's back to a "normal high" 3 days later). The salmon were moveing around lots, ... lots of flashes and a few NICE takes!!

Since I'm not the best angler around for actually SEEING salmon, ... I prospect runs instead of pounding a fish I see. ... so CLEAR water (like you get) isn't a real necessity.

.... I hope you're having a fine season. .... We're having a BALL!!!

(Yesterday's river report to follow soon).

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