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Brad 05-10-2001 08:07 AM

kype jaws
We hit the Cheeseman canyon on the South Platte west and south of Denver on sunday to try to catch the beatis hatch. It was very sunny so the hatch was not great. I did OK with an RS-2, however i did manage one fish on a parachute BWO. The interesting thing about this fish was it had a terrific kype jaw. The fish was not huge, about 16 inches but it had a huge jaw full of big teeth. I thought only large fish have this, maybe it is a function of age not size?

juro 05-10-2001 11:17 AM

I'm sure it was a male in full spawning regalia. What was it a rainbow or brown?

Brad 05-10-2001 09:08 PM

All of the fish that i landed that day were rainbows except one was a cuttbow. I have to tell you that the fishing is great here but i still miss the pull of a good striper.

juro 05-10-2001 10:20 PM

Makes sense, this is spawning time for rainbows.

As far as missing the pull of a good striper, I almost said "yeah me too" but over the next few months I'm sure there will be many to feed that jones.

Likewise I miss the acrobatics of a big summer steelhead, the palmburn of a screaming chinook, the bolt of silver lightning of a chrome bright ocean coho in a turquiose pacific sea - but it's all good and we should use the forum to figure out how to sample it all!

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