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cannon 08-08-2005 10:25 PM

New to the Forum
I'm from Victoria,B.C. and a chronic flyfisher for sea-run cutties and Pacific salmon.I've been chasing Cutties for 25 years on southern Vancouver Island and beach fishing for salmon the last 15 years covering the whole island.I'm looking forward to conversing with my fellow nieghbours in Washington,Oregon,Alaska,and of course fellow anglers in B.C.

Smalma 08-09-2005 08:37 AM


Always great to have another sea-run "nut" aboard.

Tight lines

juro 08-09-2005 10:00 AM


I love the coastal coho hunt and have enjoyed the cutt fishery as well while living in King County WA

How has your success been for kings?

cannon 08-10-2005 05:11 AM

Juro;I don't target Springs in the open ocean,however I do in estuaries.Last year I only got one Spring on the fly in the Sooke river as that system has a small run,more Coho and a good run of Chums.The Spring was about 20lbs. and just a slight tinge of gold.It hammered a Cerise/Purple marabou fly with dumbell wieghted eyes fished on a Monic clear floater as the water was low and clear.I also hooked a 8lb. Coho and 6 Chum on the same fly that day.Three species of Pacific salmon on the fly in one day.pretty neat.I used to go to a certain river in mid-September anually but it has turned into a goon show and haven't been there in 4 years.I think I'm going to try the San Juan river on Labour Day weekend for the Springs in the estuary.I chucked at them for 4 years in row with no results as they're very spooky.

juro 08-10-2005 09:51 PM

It seems the big enigma, however I have lucked into some big kings on the fly over the years. The trouble is consistency.

I also think folks give up too easy when the cohos are leaping all around but thats just my opinion.

cannon 08-11-2005 07:23 PM

I don't see that here on V.I.When the Coho are in thier"waiting period" along the beaches there are anglers that chuck from dawn to dusk.At times the fish do get"lock jaw" and will not touch a fly especially on calm bluebird days.The Coho seem to get turned on when there are rollers hitting the beach.It's pretty neat to see the fish riding in the crest of the waves.I've had my best days in those conditions.Of course there are other variables as well.When the bite gets tough I will throw a #10 euphasid pattern on a floating line and let it dead drift with the tide.I'm thinking about a two-handed rod for the beach and considering the CND Atlantis 11' 9/10.What lines do you recommend for that rod from the beach?I've read on some websites about the Pacifica.Is it available,or will it be in the future?

Leland Miyawaki 08-12-2005 09:28 AM

Welcome to the board, Cannon.

I'm going to be north in the Queen Charlottes at the end of August. What do you know about the area near Peregrine Lodge?


cannon 08-13-2005 06:26 AM

Hi Leland,I don't know much about that area but it should be fanatastic Coho fishing this time of year.I've read a lot about your popping fishing for cutties.I have not tried it yet.Here in Victoria it is hard to find the appropriate materials and hooks for poppers and I have mail ordered for some materials like the round cylinder foam and ordered stuff too big as it is hard to know which size when you can't see the material or the size recommended.Is there a website for patterns of PNW poppers?This past winter was a very bad season up here in Sooke Harbour for sea-runs.I have many theories,the two most probable are two resident seals in the harbour and fishing pressure.I've seen the seals come right in after the cutties 20 feet in front of me chasing the fish.The seal population is getting out of control on V.I..I was up on the mid-island for Pinks and seals were taking the fish off the anglers flylines.Good luck up in the Q.C.I.

john246 08-14-2005 02:08 AM

Welcome to the forums. I am also new here and look forward to improving my fishing techniques.

juro 08-14-2005 07:56 AM


Originally Posted by cannon
I'm thinking about a two-handed rod for the beach and considering the CND Atlantis 11' 9/10.What lines do you recommend for that rod from the beach?

The All-arounder works as prescribed with 9wt and 10wt lines - but you will get the most out of them with the new Rio Outbound series. My favorite is the intermediate 10wt on that rod all-purpose but I do tone it down to a 9wt for sight fishing on the northeastern flats and would think that would be the better choice for pacific estuaries while the 10wt would be the better choice for big beaches with wind and surf.

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