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Craig 04-21-2001 06:24 PM

Fort Pond, Lancaster (Worc. County)
Hey Guys,

Just a report from Worcester County. Dave P. and myself fished Fort Pond in Lancaster this morning. The pond was recieving a lot of pressure by the time we left. Put about half a dozen rainbows in the canoe (all were released). We were using different colored Wooley Buggers. The one they seemed to like the best was one with a black tail, olive body, and chartruse grizzly hackle.

I went by Comet Pond in Hubardston on Friday, pond is still iced in. This was very supprising. Does anybody else have any reports about this weekend?

I have also been to Thompson Basin, part of Wachusett Reservior, but no luck there yet. I talked with a power bait guy, and he said the fish he has caught have been filled with black bodied emergers with what looked like a white head. I am thinking of using some dark dubbing and a bead head to try and match the discription of what he had described, does anybody have any input on what the fish might be taking?

Lots of Backing,

John Desjardins 04-21-2001 07:05 PM

I'm not surprised Comet pond still has ice on it. Whalom lake in Lunenburg still had some ice on it last monday when I drove my kids to day care, its all gone now.

Sorry I can't give you a good fishing report. Ok , I did get a pickeral on wednesday on a black bead head wooly bugger in a pond on fort Devens. I've been busy with yard work and todays only fishing related thought was picking up worms to take the son out with.

Just a thought, since you've been in the wachusset reservoir area and you have a canoe West Washacum pond in Sterling, might be a good place to try.

striblue 04-22-2001 08:09 AM

Craig... are you and Dave going to try and make the spring Clave? I have not heard from you guys in a while. Say hello to Dave for me and let him know I have started fly tying last November. I have some crab flies for him . If the numbers get high for the spring clave you can always bed down at my place. See you soon.

Craig 04-22-2001 08:15 AM


Yes, I have been to West Wachacum and have had some luck there in past years, but have not tried it yet this year. Do you or anybody have any suggestions on a good emerger patterns? I live very close to Thompson Basin and the fish that have been caught are loaded with them.

Lots of Backing,

Craig 04-22-2001 08:24 AM

Hi John,

Nice to hear from you, it has been such a long winter. I plan on making the spring clave and I believe Dave is also going to be there. Can't wait for the stripers to arrive. Looking foward to seeing all the guys again. Glad to hear you have tied up some flies and look forward to trading a few of mine for some of yours. I haven't tied any crabs, so maybe you would be willing to trade a few for some of the bunny sand eel patterns I had some luck with last season.

Lots of Backing,

striblue 04-22-2001 09:22 AM

raig...absolutely... There is a pattern of crab that I believe I developed since I have never seen it anywhere else. I will post the directions and will buying a scanner but may have to give it to juro to scan for me to get the picture on line. I call it the "Crab Apple".

John Desjardins 04-22-2001 09:39 PM

My standard emerger has been a pheasant tail nymph tied with a foam wing case. It's good for relatively un sophisticated fish. This year, if I can ever get out, I'm trying a pattern that uses a goose biot for a body and CDC for a head.

GregS 04-23-2001 09:24 PM


The black emergers with white heads are probably some kind of midge. I haven't fished midges much, and don't have any patterns that I can recommend. Look in some of the catalogs at midge patterns and pick some to try, just make them in the color combination reported to you.


juro 04-23-2001 11:08 PM

The ones I fish are black gnat emergers, which look like a big midge. I tie them in size 12 and 10. I usually just go to thread to save time on the abdomen but a fine quill would be better if you could get the black/white segment effect.

Even when they are tuned into emergers I still seem to do well with a bead-head black bugger, go figure.

I'm certainly no entomologist but the gnats are everywhere right now.

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