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SDHflyfisher 07-24-2005 02:33 PM

well it is finished but i don't have any pics of it finished but here is one of it wrapped

almost forgot the blank used is the forecast 6'6" 4pc 2wt but i am going to keep it lined with 3wt line because i want to slow it down a little bit

also it's maiden voyage was memorial day weekend on the west fork of the kickapoo in SW Wisconsin

the guy kissing the sucker happens to be the president of the twin cities TU chapter

Nooksack Mac 07-24-2005 08:16 PM

SDH: That's a georgeous reel seat, a perfect match for those Wisconsin spring creeks, which likewise are perfection on a smaller scale.

SDHflyfisher 07-24-2005 09:54 PM


the reel seat is in fact a wooden version of an REC PLRN

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