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SDHflyfisher 07-24-2005 12:51 PM

terrestrial season
well it is coming upon many of us now and i was just curious if any of you are willing to show some of your favorites i'll get a few pics of mine up asap

SDHflyfisher 07-24-2005 01:21 PM

i wish i could at least get consistant with my pictures some are good and some not so but here are the pics

SDHflyfisher 07-26-2005 09:11 AM

oh come on i'm sure some of you must fish hoppers and are willing to share a few pics

baldmountain 07-30-2005 04:58 PM

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My wife got me a copy of "Tying Flies with Foam, Fur and Feathers" by Harrison Steeves for father's day so I've been tying a bunch of foam terristrials. Sorry the picture isn't very good and the flies are a bit ratty, but they have been catching fish. :D

The silly looking one with the bead eyes works best. :rolleyes:

flyjkol 07-30-2005 06:33 PM

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sorry about being a little late on the post but this is a standard parachute deer hair ant with the added movement of ostrich herl legs

this is a size 16 and i tie it in both black and cinnamon down to 22

SDHflyfisher 07-30-2005 08:14 PM

thanks guys

i'm gonna have to try that ant pattern

pacres 08-05-2005 05:26 PM

Nice looking flies. I'm not big into the terrestrials, but I was on a pike last week, and hoppers were everywhere on the water, even as far as 250 yards off the shore. The pike didn't pay much attention, but I'm sure Trout would have.

I would have to say stimulators and sofa pillows make the top of my list for terrestrials.

macrostigma 08-23-2005 09:24 AM

Summer is for me the most interesting time to flyfish with those kinds of flies.
take a look of what we use in France :

teflon_jones 08-26-2005 01:55 PM


Originally Posted by pacres
<snip>sofa pillows make the top of my list for terrestrials.

What the heck is a sofa pillow? Are you fishing for whales or something with your old couch? ;)

flyjkol 08-26-2005 11:00 PM

its alot like a stimulator with a yarn body

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