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ssully 03-22-2001 09:44 PM

Beaverkill thread is hosed

That was a classy post and a real fishing report to boot.

Congrats on being out fishing with your Dad. A moment of life to savor forever.

juro 03-23-2001 07:15 AM

RE:Beaverkill thread is hosed
Sully, et. al. -

I agree that was a classy thread, one of the best.

I am trying to solve the problem, if anyone is a cgi perl expert let me know I could use the help finding the problem.


trutta 03-23-2001 01:59 PM

RE:Beaverkill thread is hosed
that was a great post. I needed that on a dreary day (just ot about a foot of snow! 8^()
There are some big fish on the Beaverkill. Last year we had the FF@ clave there early June and it was fantastic. During the evening, the spinner falls were out of this world. Coffin flies, brown drakes, all types of caddis, cahills. The fish were at times on the brown drakes and at other times (late evening) on the caddis... but they wanted them just so. Very tough, picky fish. One evening I spent at least a half hour on one fish. He was rising steadily and was big. Finally took a little grey caddis and proceeded to spool me <g> Still, great stuff and the cradle of fly fishing in America... no doubt. The willow has some great water and fish, too. I love the flat water trying to figure out those beasts poking their snouts.
Sh*t! I need to fish.

admin 03-29-2001 09:55 AM

RE:Beaverkill thread is hosed
The Beaverkill post has been re-posted by Hawkeye and the old one removed, there should be no problems with it now.

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