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baldmountain 07-15-2005 09:02 AM

Echo Fly rods
I have an old Fenwick 8wt rod that I built when I was a kid. It works OK but it's time for an upgrade. I'll be using it to throw bass bugs and maybe an occasional cast to a striper. (Maybe not.) I was thinking about a 9' 8wt Echo rod. It looks like a rod that can throw some major line. (Or should I go with the 9wt? Can I over line the 8wt with a 9wt line?) I'll probably use a RIO Clouser line with it.

Anyone have an opinion on the Echo rods?

benny 07-16-2005 07:37 PM

the echo rods are highly reccomended by many of the more experienced fly fisherman i have spoken to who have used them. i'm going to cast a few later in august when i'm in sw florida. a well respected guide in the area swears by them. one other rod series not to be overlooked is the new redington cps, getting rave reviews from users. with sage in charge these are a great performance bargain, have heard many compare them to a sage xp with more backbone. cast them all and then decide.

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