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SalmoGairdneri 07-09-2005 12:23 PM

Quick Neah Report
We fished Neah bay this past week and it was really slow for salmon. My wife hooked a few the first day, we got none the next day and then hooked quite a few the 3rd day by running out to swiftsure. The silvers were small out there and the action wan't hot but it was consistent and we'd hit fish pretty regularly bucktailing and then casting once we located some fish. Clearly they were not very thick out there though. Only 1 humpie on the whole trip. I thought we'd hit quite a few more than that. Lots of rain though and indications are that there is not too much bait around. It could be that conditions aren't the best for holding salmon out there this year. In fairness, it is early.

The rock bass action was consistent on the rock rises near slack current and up by the kelp most any time. Good fun. It was exceptionally easy to get the rock bass up to the surface this trip. Using a simple big tube popper on a dry line, I brought fish to the surface every cast for about 1/2 hour one day and about the same amount of time the day before. Great fun.

One day my wife had just hooked a rock bass and after fighting it for a few seconds, the line started peeling off big time. She was into her backing before the thing broke her off. I'm guessing a ling grabbed her. Another time we had a bunch of bass next to the boat chasing our flies and down below was a big old ling cruising. I hooked one of the bass and let it run around down by the ling but it wouldn't grab it... Bait fishing with the fly rod.

Here are a couple quick videos my wife shot on our camera after she landed a bunch and was taking a break. Resolution isn't great but you can see the take.



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