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Lefty 12-08-2000 05:55 PM

Ahhhhhhh remember them days....

Juro opening what was to become a triple, all keepers at the "Big Girl Bar" or "Large Ladies Lounge". I still need to learn something about scanning and touching up but I'm getting there. I love the bending of the Sage.


Lefty 12-09-2000 09:02 AM

RE:Ahhhhhhh remember them days....
Don't know why I put it here. I thought I was in the Striper board. (sgrug)


juro 12-09-2000 08:57 PM

RE:Ahhhhhhh remember them days....
Well, you blew it - we could've had everyone thinking I landed a 36" salter trout!

The other end of this battle...

(picture may take a few seconds)

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