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DEERHAAWK 06-12-2005 12:43 AM

A Few Things
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Good evening,
1) The Bush Administration is sending (has sent) a Bill to congress to establish regulations for Fish Farming up to 200 miles of the coast of the U.S.
Pilot projects are said to be in place in New Hampshire (any forum members from the great state of New Hampshire that can enlighten us about this?) Hawaii and Puerto Rico. This move is due at least somewhat to the expected increase in seafood demand in the U.S. so says NOAA-F (National Oceanic Atmospheric Administration Fisheries)
The U.S. Imports 70% of it's Seafood sold, 40% of that comes from overseas Fish Farm Opperations. Carlos Gutierrez, Commerce Secratary, calls Fish Farm Opperations an "Underutilized Industry" in the U.S.

2) The popularity of Whitewater Parks is on the rise in a big way, with many poping up around the country. Worldwide there are aprox. 40, with another 20 in various stages of construction.
These parks are for Kayak and Canoe enthusiasts, and either use water from a nearby stream or river to feed a man-made park, or are portions of rivers that have been "Engineered" and re-built to support these activitys .
Truckee River / Reno Nevada
This 1/2 mile long engineered section of the Truckee required a dam being removed (good) The web site says it is a "Good habitat for fish, particularly the Lahontan Cutthroat Trout, but my research could not find any indication that there were any Lahontan in that stretch of the Truckee, but I guess there are some intro-species.

U.S. National Whitewater Center / N. Carolina
This is a self contained man-made park, but it pulls water from the Catawba River. No info on any possible impacts on fish or other wildlife

Gunnison Whitewater Park / Colorado
Another engineered section of a river (The Gunnison). Picture on the website shows a large piece of construction equipment IN the river during the building phase. Cant say that was good for the fish or their habitat.

I mean, what ever happend to shooting a "Natural" section of a river????
Could it be......... $$$$$$?

Finaly, as reported in the Pacific Northwest Steelhead section of Flytalk, cause some may not visit there, Federal Judge James Redden rejected the Bush Administrations plan to manage dams in the Snake/Columbia systems and the Salmon therin. This is the 3rd time that the Feds have been rejected in their attempt to manage Snake/Columbia River Dams! 3rd times a charm!
Read Link's post "Snake Dams are back on the table" for the latest.

There's lots to be done out there people, get involved, join a group! Activism Works!


Oh, below is an "Un-Engineered" section of the upper Clack, just so we don't forget....

Dble Haul 06-12-2005 05:50 PM

Thanks for the summation of events. It's important that we stay current on these things.

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