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juro 01-15-2001 09:43 PM

Living Large - Part I
Well, it's only based on a half a page of three full pages of my impromptu journal but part I is up there. Take a look at the "What's New" menu for the link. Believe me... there's a lot more to that story!

NrthFrk16 01-16-2001 01:24 AM

RE:Living Large - Part I
Great Job Juro...
Brian told me it was going to be great and we was right.
Can not wait to read the rest!!

timwatts 01-16-2001 04:30 AM

RE:Living Large - Part I
Thats great stuff Juro.

andre 01-16-2001 09:11 AM

RE:Living Large - Part I

Thanks for bring back the visions of my trips to the Big T. I too connected for my first time on the Graveyard. I was in awe of the magnitude of the river and canyon.

? how is the fishing in the NE late sept/oct?


trutta 01-16-2001 09:19 AM

RE:Living Large - Part I
very compelling Part I. Excellent stuff. While reading your account, images of Spences Bridge and the Fraser River Valley played back in my mind. I took the train all the way to Vancouver from Montreal a couple of years back, and obviuosly that part of the trip together with the rockies is what stands out the most. The CN tracks follows the Fraser River for almost the whole length and you get to see glimpses of some of the famous steelhead tributaries as well. The thought that runs through a fly fisherman's head is... let me off the train!!!

Doublespey 01-16-2001 10:30 AM

RE:Living Large - Part I
What can I say???

Hell, I WAS there and I'm still enjoying reading Juro's account. It reminds me about how I felt the first time I fished the Thompson and gives us readers a window into an Ideal experience of the Thompson.

And, even though I've driven by it many times, it took Juro to remind us that we were "beyond Hope".

BRAVO! Bring on Part II ~

Eric 01-17-2001 02:03 PM

RE:Living Large - Part I
Juro, this is great. Your best piece yet.

You really capture the spirit of the whole adventure.



juro 01-18-2001 04:36 PM

RE:Living Large - Part I
Thanks for the kind words, part II is in the works...

kush 01-18-2001 06:13 PM

RE:Living Large - Part I

It is good to see this, it brings back some good memories. I think that strange look I had in my eyes was related to the apprehension I felt in going fishing with three Americans crazy enough to drive from the Oregon border to Spence's Bridge in a blinding rainstorm - THEN all of them sleep in their pick-up rather than wake me up and sleep in the 25 foot "Martini Bar" - that was spooky! Then when the awesome "Beaver-stick" wading staff came out I didn't know what to do. We then proceeded to fish our asses off for 2 days and you weirdos packed up and disappeared whence you came! I celebrated your good fortune by going out and beaching 2 chromers before you were 10 miles down the road. I can't wait to read the rest - it was an awesome trip and a great time.

Tight lines - tyler.

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