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jared 11-20-2000 09:00 AM

Trying to decide if it's really worth it to try White's again tomorrow....(this time WITH a watercraft....happy Mike???)...

anybody toying w/ the notion?


juro 11-20-2000 09:44 AM

Well, my furnace died yesterday and one of the dogs pushed in a basement window. As I replaced it I realized just how cold it is out. The only time of day I would think of doing it would be around 2pm and that's out for me!

Good luck if you go, I suppose there might be a day or two left in the season for those who have thick blood...

jared 11-20-2000 09:49 AM

or thick heads!!

Powers 11-21-2000 12:03 PM

Well? Reports?

jared 11-21-2000 04:58 PM

sorry mate...didn't make it.

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