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varancib 05-16-2005 09:48 PM

Rod Hand Acceleration
The acceleration of the rod hand during the cast, must be constant or start smooth and at the time of the stop, increase the acceleration?.


flytyer 05-16-2005 11:21 PM

It should start slowly and smoothly accelerate to a hard stop on both backcast and forecast. Acceleration should not suddenly increase just before the time of the stop. It needs to be a smoothly increasing acceleration from beginning to the end at the stop. Think in terms of hammering 2 nails with a two headed hammer that it driving the nail in boards about 2 feet apart with both the foreward and backward motions of the hammer hitting one of the nail.

varancib 05-17-2005 10:42 PM

Thanks again for your answers



juro 05-17-2005 11:31 PM

Hi Victor -

A sudden speed-up causes shock. Shock in the line can deform and weaken the loop energy, and shock in the rod can cause early recoil in the rod and tailing loops or worse yet both can occur.

A gradual speed-up gives the line time to become straight, and moving in alignment which is most important before the final application of power. We think of these things as happening very fast but it takes time for line to transition from one direction 180 degrees in the other direction, and come straight before the stop.

Essentially, it does no good to stop the rod until the line is pulled straight, or has enough tension on it to come straight when the tip is stopped.

A well straightened line stopped in line flies as far or further with less effort than a hard cast line that was not straight before power was applied.

Starting gradually and speeding up prevents shock, gets the line in the essential straight line path, and saves the caster from using unnecessary power to acheive similar or superior results.

Bob Pauli 05-17-2005 11:49 PM

Thank you, Juro.
You may have solved a problem for me.

bapmthe1 05-18-2005 01:44 PM

To star out on either the foward cast or the back cast slowly accelerate till you hit 12 oclock the snap your wrist and stop at about 1:30 on foward cast and at 10 -11 on back cast this metyhod has worked best for me.
Good luck.

Tight lines!

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