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juro 11-08-2000 03:24 PM

Weekend venues
Here's my schedule, hope to connect with as many as possible...

Friday: Suburbanites unite, White's Pond Concord. Plenty of room to spread out, bring canoes, float tubes, etc. Shore access best on the back side but it's a short walk by striper standards. I only have two hours or so.

Saturday: morning 1/2 day on the Stillwater or Nissitissit or Squanacook or... some river. I have until 1pm or so. We can converge on Blue Northern Trading Co. afterwards if interested, it's in the area.

I assume many have the day off Fri, I do not but would enjoy meeting up with some of you during the first couple of hours. I'll bring my pontoon boat most likely, or the canoe.

Sat - I am open, we could spread out on a river and compare notes at brunch. Any takers?

Lefty 11-08-2000 03:32 PM

RE:Weekend venues
I'll see if I can flip fri for Sat. Prefer the river stuff.


Lefty 11-08-2000 09:28 PM

RE:Weekend venues
Yup, all set for Saturday on the streams. Anyone else want to fan out across the Groton, Peperell, Townsend area?
I'll miss Whites on Friday, but that's ok, the weather looks lousy.


juro 11-09-2000 07:42 AM

RE:Weekend venues
Terry - weather or not, I'm interested in hitting some streams on Sat AM. WIth limited time, let's pick a spot - upper Nissitissit fly-only? Upper Squannacook? Stillwater / landlocks?

BTW - WHite's is on for tomorrow for me.

Lefty 11-09-2000 07:50 AM

RE:Weekend venues
Ok, how about starting out at the Nissi? Then, if and when it slows down we can hit the upper Squanni briefly.
Which parking spot on the Nissi?


juro 11-09-2000 11:58 AM

RE:Weekend venues
You call it. 1/2 day for me. BTW.

Lefty 11-09-2000 07:39 PM

RE:Weekend venues
Let's face it, it's November and the river fishing is tough. I don't want to be the chooser so we'll do your Nissi first Then maybe later Squanny. We're about ready to move the planning to the phone so let us know if you want to hook up.
1/2 day for me as well.


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