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juro 01-13-2001 11:34 AM

Wild Steelhead Coalition - Artwork Proposal #1
I will be displaying my proposals for the WSC artworks, logos, web graphics, etc. - here in this Forum. Please send folks who will review the designs over to this thread. Here is a general purpose graphic proposal #1:
<font size="1">may take a minute...
Artwork copyright 2001 Juro Mukai, (all rights reserved)</center></font><!--1-->

Ryan - what type of logo is the board looking for? I assume there will be a need for a small graphic "iconic" style of logo as well?

<font size="1">These are original artworks / graphics not to be reproduced or used without my direct consent</font><!--1-->

NrthFrk16 01-13-2001 12:45 PM

RE:Wild Steelhead Coalition - Artwork Proposal #1
Looks great Juro!!

Yeah, we will need a small logo for hats, stickers (but the one you gave was great) and a logo that would work as a letterhead.


juro 01-13-2001 08:46 PM

RE:Wild Steelhead Coalition - Artwork Proposal #1
Ryan -

I had a feeling that's what you meant, but since I got this tablet / pen toy for Christmas I have been pushing the digital sketching envelope to see what it can do. The pelagic steelhead in the graphic above was drawn from memory using Adobe Photoshop and the WACOM mouse pen. Therefore it's fully digital and can be reused in a number of ways, resized, layered, etc. It's really nice being able to un-do and layer, not to mention all the other whiz-bang things Adobe offers.

When you mentioned the need for something for WSC that rendering was the first thing that poured out of my fingers; kind of like an homage thing I had to get out of my system before I could think about letterheads and geometrically clever logos.

OK - back to hats, stickers and letterheads...

NrthFrk16 01-14-2001 02:40 AM

RE:Wild Steelhead Coalition - Artwork Proposal #1
I apologize it has taken me so long to get back to you, I was away from the computer all day.

I will present that design and see the reaction that it gets. If it was put into a smaller size, it would work perfect for leterheads, hats and stickers.


juro 01-14-2001 07:29 AM

RE:Wild Steelhead Coalition - Artwork Proposal #1
Ryan, keep in mind I kinda did that first one for my own jollies and not necessarily for what WSC really needs - in other words I intend to continue playing with the types of logos that you might use for letterheads, cards and stuff and I will post them as they are drafted.

Anything the committee likes you're welcome to use.

More to follow...

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