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troutbum 10-29-2000 03:32 PM

Mass. trout fishing
Fished the Deerfield below Fife brook dam on Saturday, hooked one MOTHER sized rainbow above the trestle, had about 5 runs and he popped the hook (#16 prince nymph), water came up as scheduled at 10am and started hootin as usual. Left there and went to the Westfield river to explore below the Chesterfield Gorge, Drove the path almost down to the federal gate while we stopped and fished all the way, didn't catch squat, didn't see squat, but went for my first swim with the waders on....whooweee was it cold :) It was the first time we had ever been there and enjoyed the area even though we didn't catch anything. Didn't see anyone else hook up either. Anyone know if they stock this or is it just wild trout here? We looked hard and didn't see anything... anywhere! Was some really great looking trout water. Next week...SALMON!

juro 10-29-2000 10:47 PM

RE:Mass. trout fishing
Thanks for the report, my mind has been pointing to freshwater lately.

Where are you chasing salmon - without giving away your secrets, are you talking MA brood stock ponds, Connecticut River, etc?

I am looking for some riverfront to fish where I can bring a big Spey rod and fish for big salmonids. The Merrimac is pretty much a spring thing and the NH licenses are still a little prohibitive especially for such a short season.

troutbum 10-30-2000 04:26 AM

RE:Mass. trout fishing
Hey Juro, The Still and Quinnie! But always catch and release!

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