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QuebecSporting 05-03-2005 07:41 PM

Dartmouth River conditions
took a run up the Dartmouth this evening...

She's high and " Tim Horton's coffee" color!! :)

Could not reach the Falls.....( road is damaged halfway up...)

Only a few weeks left!!


Charlie 05-18-2005 03:37 PM

Hey Ann!

Any word on the road up to the falls? Did they fix it yet?

See you in 2 weeks.


QuebecSporting 05-18-2005 03:48 PM

Hi Charlie !!
I am planning to take a run tomorrow...... I'll have photos soon.
It is always foggy and raining here..... :mad:

Here, is a York pool you know well......... photo is from last evening. (Nice light tea color)
So?? What is it??? :hihi:


wilson 05-18-2005 10:30 PM

Looks like Petite Saumon to me. Did I win the prize? 30 pounder under the leaning treee?


QuebecSporting 05-18-2005 10:44 PM

Bonsoir Chris,

Excellent!! You have won....

So Charlie, what are you giving Chris ?? :hihi:

Ann :wink:

Charlie 05-19-2005 07:11 AM

He can have some spey flies next time I see him. :hihi:


wilson 05-19-2005 09:55 PM

...and I promise to hook that 30 pounder under that tree on one of them :tongue:

Looks like the rivers are shaping up nicely this year. I have high hopes we'll all come home with smiles and everyone elses Spey flies in our boxes.

I'll be over on the Matapedia and Grande but hope to make it all the way out to Gaspe. With pools like this to fish who's concerned about draw water.

See you all there.


QuebecSporting 05-21-2005 02:07 PM

Saturday May 21, 2005
Take a look...... she's pretty high
The road is not that bad, Tina, my (13yrs) daughter, drove all the way!! :rolleyes:

A... :)

Silver Gray 05-23-2005 06:08 PM

Thanks Ann
I'd like to take the time to thank you for your up to date river conditions. It's a great help to myself along with I'm sure many other salmon anglers that fish your area. The Dartmouth looks very high this week, I was woundering how the York is holding up?

Thanks again.
Silver Gray

QuebecSporting 05-23-2005 06:38 PM

Good Evening Silver Gray,
Thanks for the note..
The York is looking much better, if I do say so!!

I would expect the opening will be high, but not all that bad.....

See below ( there are still 10 days left and "Sun".yes!! :D THE SUN!!, in the forecast...

CLICK!! Yesterday.York.....

(I checked photos I took, last year same date.... just a little higher and not as clear)


( marked the levels it dropped a few inches..)

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