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Salmon Chaser 05-02-2005 09:13 PM

Just around the corner!!
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Soon boys and girls,,, real soon.
Bright salmon are just around the corner.
Salmon Chaser

new2fly 05-03-2005 08:07 AM

chaser, i hear the brights in the summer are really hard to hook if u dont know what u are doing. how true is this?

Salmon Chaser 05-03-2005 09:31 AM

The real answer to that lies in time on the river. By that i mean if you spend enough time out there in all times of year and conditions, you will see that 1- they are impossible to hook. 2- they are easy to catch. and 3- they are sometimes easy and sometimes impossible to catch. :hihi:
Ask questions,, watch how others fish through the pools,,, where the favoured lies are,, cast light,,, and WATCH YOUR FLY. Salmon will often enough hammer the fly as it hits the water so wait an extra second before turning to talk to a buddy or whatever. Follow your fly through the whole swing and you will know if and when anything happens. I learned this one early on and it has been sooo important to me over the years.
Another important thing is to make sure there is not a fish following your fly before you pick up for another cast. make a cast on a 45deg,, fly swings around to the dangle and i usually strip in until i can see my fly or twitch it and determine that there isnt a salmon behind it. Beleive me,, they are there more often than not.
Pinch your barbs,, just a suggestion as i firmly beleive that if you lose a fish to a de-barbed hook,, then it is something WE did wrong not the hook.
Hope this helped a bit and iam sure others will add there own take on it.
Good luck this summer Nate. Are you only fishing miramichi?? If you need some info on public pools just post up and I or someone else can help you.
Salmon Chaser

fcch 05-03-2005 02:31 PM

Nate, ... SC has some great comments.

I think (IMHO), the more you chase after these beasts, the more you 'll learn that there aren't any rules 'cept :
1)respect the Salmon and
2)respect your fellow angler.

Other than that, there are lots of THEORIES, the rest is time on the water.

Case in point. Many switch to dries near the end of the day. I like to try some dries on a few pools during the mid day lunch break. 'ya never know ...

new2fly 05-03-2005 04:02 PM

chris, wow system overload. the more i am online learning about flyfishing the more i realize i have to learn. great info and help buy the way.

i am not really sure how much time i will get on the miramichi this summer. i am having a hard time finding a fishing buddy that goes after brights let alone black salmon in the spring, and i would prefer to go with somebody that is somewhat of a pro so i can learn as much possible. I did find out from a guy i play hockey with, his father inlaw has rights too 3 pools just this side of doaktown on the miramichi and apparently 2 of them are fairly good pools all summer long, so who knows i may have to look into that. However I think i will consentrate more on the Cains River and fish for brookies and sea run trout for starters and try my luck with some pan fish, bass and maybe a few chain pickeral. I here the cains has a good fall run of salmon, so maybe i will get in on that too. I have always been a sucker for trout and fishing small streams where i am the only one with a rod for miles around. thanks again for the info, it wont be long and i'll owe you a trip over here for a few days of fishing.

chaser, or anyone else have anything too add?

Salmon Chaser 05-03-2005 04:28 PM

Actually nate i do have one more thing to add,, two actually. The first is to try and fish off of the reel as much as possible(ever see a guy fishing with 30' of loose coils around his legs?) or better yet, 10 coils in his non rod hand :hihi:
Fishing off the reel will up your odds alot!
The second is to beg, steal, lie, cheat,, wait dont steal,, but everything else is o.k. to get you on three private pools anywhere on the Miramichi. If you have been offered do not turn it down as this chance may not come again.
And lastly,, dont wait for a fishing buddy to materialize,, fish every day that time and finances allow,, and besides, fishing buddies are overrated :razz:
Best of luck this summer
Salmon Chaser

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