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BobD 10-16-2000 11:03 AM

Still Water
This being the last free weekday I had before being dragged kicking and screaming into a cubicle somewhere in corporate America. I decided to take a drive over to that little stream just down the road from me. To see if there where any land locks trying to make they're way upstream to spawn. I had received some viable reports of some being landed and dragged away on stringers at the singing bridge. My first stop was at the mouth of the river where it empties into the big reservoir. The water level is still pretty low and I figured there might be a few stacking up waiting on some rain. Nada, although I did manage to land one little feisty large mouth. I then figured if they where at the bridge two weeks ago they might still be up under the highway overpass, which is where the greater number of reds can usually be found. After some bush whacking all I could find where some well engineered dams blocking all access upstream. I know that we can no longer trap the little buggers, but is anyone interested in getting a ballot referendum to reintroduce all known beaver predators which once inhabited our region?? Maybe some big cats or bears it might even help prevent some of the flooded basements coming this spring.

juro 10-16-2000 06:18 PM

RE:Still Water
Bob -

Sorry and congrats... I guess we can't go to work in a flats shirt forever, but it's nice to hear we are gaining a hard core angler in the meeting rooms of America

I hope we can still count on you for your great advice and equipment recommendations in the future.


Lefty 10-16-2000 06:53 PM

RE:Still Water
Hey Bob,
Best of luck on the new endeavor. You were one of my trout bum heroes. Will you be giving up BN or can we see you there part time?


BobD 10-16-2000 07:42 PM

RE:Still Water

I will still be very much involved with BNTC. Although I will only be working on Saturdays. I will still be lurking around ordering new stuff and of course a fixture at the shows.

I was going through my closet today and a lot of my ties match up quite well with my flats shirts.

The commute to the new job will be tough. But rumor has it there has been some awesome fishing in the area recently.

juro 10-17-2000 11:15 AM

RE:Still Water
Well, I've give you that the ties and flats shirts go... but how 'bout those sandals!

Just don't leave us for golf!

BobD 10-17-2000 02:35 PM

RE:Still Water
They sandals won't fly there, but I did ask for a hosiery exemption to the dress code. They agreed, I do not have to wear socks during striper season.

Golf is for those who can't fish or throw fly line.

Domenic 10-18-2000 04:15 AM

RE:Still Water
I have had a few good days there in the past.Youre right rain is the key.I have seen F+G trapping fish out past the mouth.They would string out a 200ft net, buzz around behind it in their boat, and then pull in the net.I was amazed at the size of the fish.they would get, four or more salmon in a haul.My best there is 22inches,I know another fly guy that landed a 25+ incher.I have seen the locals doing well with garden hackle.I have done well up around the highway in past years ,too bad about the dams.The Casual is my go to fly there.Good luck on the new job.

ssully 10-18-2000 08:18 PM

RE:Still Water
Mondo bummer, corporate dude.

troutbum 10-19-2000 04:44 AM

RE:Still Water
Bob, since I haven't touched my rod since June, and was interested in some salmon fishin, where did the first beaver dam start? I'm sure there's nothing below the singing bridge but curious where you found them if they're in the same places as last year. The run last year stunk, I got 3 down below all season due to the dams. Think it's time to go into the woods with a bulldozer :)

BobD 10-19-2000 04:48 AM

RE:Still Water
They appear to be the same ones as last year. The first two or three have been breached. The one just before you get to the 190 bridge is the first one stopping any upstream migration, the two under the bridges are very much intact.

troutbum 10-19-2000 05:00 AM

RE:Still Water
Thanks much Bob! I may take a scouting trip out there this weekend. Alot of guys congregate at the bridge and below, but not many know to go up :) I got some nice rainbows in there last May, the biggest being 20" Sure wish work wasn't quite so busy, when you own your own business it takes alot out of you. But I can afford to buy that T&T rod I wanted now tho :) Where you going to work now? Still going to guide too?

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