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QuebecSporting 04-26-2005 12:38 PM

York River Conditions
Well, Mother Nature has been busy since Saturday evening.... :confused:

The rain just stopped, so I hurried to take a few photos, because it's not over yet!!
Hmmmm ?? My No 2 flies will look ridiculous in these waters!!!

( Charlie, why don't you come over for the weekend Bring your flies!!! :hihi: )

juro 04-29-2005 06:31 AM


It's hard to believe this is the same river I've seen in those magic photos that have lured me to the Gaspe'. I hope to return asap.

I hope this will get the black salmon back to sea express, so they can recharge and come back stronger each year.

Charlie 05-02-2005 09:45 AM

Holly cow Ann! :eek: There is no place to stand even if I did come up. We could fish off of the bridge until a tree comes down and wipes it out.


Muckle Salmon 05-02-2005 08:58 PM

Sorry bud. No fishing from the bridge :tsk_tsk: :chuckle: . besides what are you going to do if you hooka fish ? Or a tree? :Eyecrazy:
See you soon, Ramsay

QuebecSporting 05-06-2005 02:22 PM

Today May 6
Levels have dropped since last week...

Looking good!!


QuebecSporting 05-28-2005 10:02 AM

present conditions - May 28
The York is ready and looking just excellent for the opening...

(Saw one fish this morning..... (waiting for the sun to see better)



juro 05-28-2005 01:17 PM

Anne -

That's simply gorgeous... I have to get back up there soon. :Eyecrazy:

Jim Miller 05-28-2005 02:14 PM

Boy...that is beautiful looking water! :)

QuebecSporting 05-29-2005 04:58 PM

Hi guys,

Well, I can officially say the fish are in....saw more fish today on the York.

(can't tell you all my secrets, though .:tsk_tsk: )

A.. :)

Charlie 05-31-2005 07:29 AM

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Hey Ann,

Nice pictures! How are the Dartmouth and St. John doing?

See you on Saturday.


QuebecSporting 05-31-2005 09:12 AM

Hi Charlie,
Fish are at the usually hot spot on the Dartmouth....... :razz:
It's high. but, I'm sure your "spey rod and flies" will do the work.

The St-Jean is just beautiful .... fish were seen too.

See ya at the hot-dog party!! :rolleyes:


QuebecSporting 06-03-2005 07:13 AM

Thought I'd give you an update on the fishing here in Gaspe.

Dartmouth levels have dropped considerably and a few fish landed in Sector 2..

St-Jean, conditions are excellent, we landed a 20lb+ hen last evening....

York, A+ conditions, more are more fish are entering, they seem to be holding between Sectors 1-6. ( We landed a fish in sector 6 yesterday morning.
photo: Still Pool ( York 4) last evening.

oh!! There are still black salmon in the river ( saw one last evening heading straight down and in "5th gear"!!) :rolleyes:


Muckle Salmon 06-03-2005 09:29 PM

Hi Ann. Do you think the levels will hold until next weekend (the 10th). Would hate to think that Charlie and Brian would catch better water than us :mad: ( so what else is new). I see that Charlie has allready picked up sectuer 4 in the 48 hr. for the 5th and Brian has a good alternate. Any way glad to see your guys are having success allready and will see you next week. :smile:

QuebecSporting 06-09-2005 04:12 PM

Hi Muckle Salmon,

Levels are dropping slowly, but I will try to hold them until you get here.. ...:confused: :confused:
(Hurry!!! Brian is sleeping on the job!! :hihi: )

See you on the weekend!!


QuebecSporting 06-12-2005 04:51 PM

Congratulations Charlie (Salmon and Steelhead flies - Moderator),

nice catch!!


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