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juro 07-27-2000 09:15 PM

Nate - where the heck are you anyway?
I think you said you were headed out to Utah to fish for trout... could this be the week? I was surprised not to see a Nate the fishing machine signed up on the Tip Rip Trip. If you're out in the butte country send a smoke signal (and take lots of pictures!)


Nathan Smith 08-01-2000 09:22 AM

RE:Nate - where the heck are you anyway?
I'm back..... 10 days, fished Henry's Fork in Idaho. This was then only place I got a guide so I could drift. Got about 15-20 fish, largest 22", all bows.I lost a troph though. He may have been 24"+. I was just about to the boat take out and saw a rip formed by a single rock and casted to it. She hit a number #20 PMD and took off. and after getting to the backing she jumped. Then I heard the guide say " *&%# that's a big fish don't lose him". I fought him for about 15min and then he got the hook out.
Then cut across yellowstone and did all the tourist stuff then fished the Lamar river. It is a lesser known river in the park (still lots of pressure though)and went for native yellowstone cutthroats, got 4, largest about 16". Then spent 3 days in the Bear tooth wilderness about 2hrs northeast of yellowstone, got snowed on. Tons of cuts and brookies, but they where all really small, 12" was a good fish. It was funny though. We would hit the tributaries from the glacer lakes.
Then went down to Utah through Wyoming and hit the Provo river in Utah. This is one of my favorite brown trout spots around. it is a beautiful river with good access, only 20 min away from down town. Fished it two days had 13 browns and 1 rainbow, largest 17". Great trip.

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