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Newbieflyfisher 03-30-2005 09:50 PM

Ok guys I'm Ryan i live in Iowa, i'm 17, and my buddies and I are planning a camping/trout fishing trip to northern Iowa. I have a rod and reel but i have never gone fly fishing before. I know i'm gonna have to get some help on actually casting but what do you guys suggest for my setup like what kind of line and what not i need all the details because i have no clue what i'm doing. I love being in the outdoors and i think this is going to be a blast.
Thanks a lot

Nooksack Mac 03-31-2005 02:52 AM

Where to begin? You need a fly line of a size that fits your rod. The required weight is probably printed on your rod butt, just in front of the handle. It will say something like "6" or "6/7." The latter means that you can use either a 6- or 7-weight line. It should be either a double taper or a weight forward, floating line, and will be described on the package as, say, DT6F. (You can decipher that, can't you?) A cheap "drugstore" fly line will do 95% as well as the most expensive line. If you buy a Scientific Anglers/3M or Cortland line, the package contains a handy booklet for beginners.
You'll need one or more tapered nylon leaders, about the length of the rod. Something with a 3-6 lb. test tippet (that's the little end that you tie to the fly) will work for trout, panfish, or small bass.
You'll need more than one fly because fish, like small children, sometimes decide that they don't want to eat today what they were willing to eat all last week; also because sometimes, in the course of fishing, a fly gets lost. I know - it's bizarre, but trust me, I've seen it happen.
And you'll need a few accessories, which in the next few decades, will expand to your own personal tackle shop; but let's not get ahead of ourselves. Welcome to the world's greatest sport, something that you can do for as long as you can sit up and wave your arms.

juro 03-31-2005 06:07 AM

As Nooksack Mac pointed out, first find out what weight your rod needs to flex properly. Department stores will sell good starter lines for short $ although you might buy better lines as you get better yourself. SA makes good starter lines (Concept, Headstart) with good quality materials.

As far as casting, I would suggest talking to any experienced anglers you know - someone at a flyshop, an uncle or friend, etc.

Definitely practice before you go to get the basics of casting down. You don't want to be trying to learn while trying to catch fish at the same time.

If you think it would help for us to tutor you in casting, just say so.

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