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jeffg 04-19-2000 08:07 AM

trout beating
Since the saltwater bug has not taken over yet, and I still need to put the first notch in my new 4 wt, I fished one of the Plymouth ponds on Sunday:

Started out raining and mid sixties, but as the rain cleared the temperature slowly fell, mist covered the water, midges and gnats started hatching, and the trout began to rise consistantly----in the center of the G*d D&%m pond.

I spent 2.5 hours casting nymphs, dries, streamers and even drifting a san juan worm with a strike indicater (i.e. fly version of bait fishing)to no avail, while the trout remained a good 30' beyond my cast.

Sure enough, right before I gave up, the berkley power bait man 20' away from me took a 20" 3 lb.+ brown.

I am going back to the rivers, as I do nothing but take a beating stillwater trout fishing...

juro 04-19-2000 08:23 AM

RE:trout beating
Jeff -

I know the feeling! I've got two ways to deal with that... first off, the pontoon boat -or- canoe put one into the drift pattern. I've got one of each you can borrow anytime.

The other is to fish the streamer or nasty bugger in the early morning before the gnats hatch when they are hunting along the shoreline this time of year.

I also look for the swallows working the hatch / bugline. Where they are feeding within casting distance from a point or shoal, I go.

The river gig is a good way to go. I looked at the Squanacook yesterday, it's at a good level and clear but a bit cold. Dropper beadhead and dry would be the trick I would say. I suppose the Nissitissit is in similar shape.

Atlantic brood stock season is now, but the Merrimac river is out of shape up there in Franklin.

jeffg 04-19-2000 01:17 PM

RE:trout beating
The previous week I had to watch the same story, minus the hatch--zero from the shoreline, while three guys in bellyboats took fish after fish out in the middle.

I may head out to the Quinnie this weekend, but it does get a ton of pressure and crowds are not my thing this time of year.

Thanks for the offer on the boats--a canoe is on my short list of goodies, but it seems a bit late for this season since I will soon be saltwater bound.

See you soon,


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