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Nathan Smith 04-13-2000 12:41 PM

Mini Trout Clave this week end
Is anyone up for a trout clave this Saturday? or a Striper outing?

juro 04-13-2000 12:59 PM

RE:Mini Trout Clave this week end
Nathan - gotta love your enthusiasm... you fishin' maniac!

Hey there's a Rhody SWFF mini-clave this weekend. I wanted to go but have appointments on Sat AM in town & Sun up north. Since the reports of Buzzards Bay fish and good reports from Nantucket Sound river mouths, Rhody should be a fine choice. I think Al D, GregO, and others are on the roster. No doubt ArtB will be fishin, maybe he'll be available for some sage advice on what's going on down there...

As far as trout, it's a no-brainer that the cape is fishing well right now in the kettle ponds. A trip to Nickerson would provide a double dipper opportunity - fish trout and stripers in the same trip! My recommendation would be a pairing of a NSP pond like Higgins (4x4 needed), Little Cliff (canoe needed) or Big Cliff (walkable) -and- a southside inlet as far to the SW as you can manage. There was a certain creek mouth I showed you last year that warms up very nicely due to the shoals, and the rockpile just as you walk from the car is an ambush point for bigger fish in May. Better yet the 20' deep hole at the entrance to Dowses (Osterville) usually holds fish even on a dead low. Why don't you hit Bass River and post a pre-clave report for us?

Another option for the trout side is Scargo Pond in East Dennis, just a short mile or so from the top of rte 134 where it hits 6A. Go left on 6A and either park and fish off the sandy beach or the cove on the right, or launch a canoe from the boat ramp and look for the plentiful rises. I do best as the gnats come off the water using a small foamhead emerger in black or blue dun -or- a bead head black wooly bugger. A tan biot stone nymph does the trick for me too for some reason.

Squanacook and Nissitissit are running nice and clear right now, and the temps are still good for trout. They've been stocking heavy, Walden got several hundred 14" plus fish middle of last week. Look for the swallows, they feed on the hatch on the lee sides of the wind where it's easier to cast. Canoe preferred.

Lefty 04-14-2000 08:47 AM

RE:Mini Trout Clave this week end
Yo Nate,

3 of us headed to Rhody South County to fish West Wall and other locales at first light tommorrow AM. Email me if interested. Best chance for schoolies in New England, join us!


Nathan Smith 04-14-2000 07:59 PM

RE:Mini Trout Clave this week end
Terry, I doubt you will get this but I would love to go with you. Give me a call at 617-864-4251

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