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steve moore 03-16-2000 08:24 AM

Trouting Around the 'Burbs
Left work an hour early yesterday and hit a little pond down the street from my house in Concord (not the one made famous by Thoreau). Second cast of a beaded bugger-like thing landed a nice bow. Two casts later another, etc... Ended up with 11 fish in about two hours. 5 of the fish appeared to be big holdover males with hooked jaws and everything. When I grabbed them (forgot a net) to release them they were full of milt as thought they were ready to spawn. The other 6 fish appeared to be fresh stockers. A couple of the holdovers were pushing 20 inches and the fresh ones were al in the 14-18 inch range. * fish came from my secret back cove and three were from the beach.

juro 03-16-2000 11:12 AM

RE:Trouting Around the 'Burbs
Sounds good! Between Terry's report on Walden and this, I'll be puttin' the 5 weight in the truck for "emergencies". Maybe the kickboat too. And a change of clothes, in case of a meeting and...

Pete 03-16-2000 05:07 PM

RE:Trouting Around the 'Burbs

does the pond also begin with a "W"? I think I may know the place.


striperman 03-16-2000 06:50 PM

RE:Trouting Around the 'Burbs
Glad to hear you got into some fish Steve....
I love the winter trout fishing out here on the Cape. Even look forward to it when the bass season comes to an end.
Something about trout when they get some size to them... they sure make my winter liveable!

flyfisher 03-16-2000 08:15 PM

RE:Trouting Around the 'Burbs
Well i'm glad you guys got into some fish! I spent the whole afternoon on the Swift above and below rt9 and also on a stocked pond and came away with zippo! Not a single fish to be found anywhere from the bubbler thru the y pool all the way to rt9!! The DFW guys said they put 800 fish in there this week. Not a SINGLE one anywhere! And I looked good too. Did get to practice with the new St Croix Avid rod and Tioga reel I bought this winter though-sweet is the best way to describe it. Orvis wonderline is the cats meow!

ssully 03-16-2000 11:06 PM

RE:Trouting Around the 'Burbs
My money is on the other "W" pond also.

steve moore 03-17-2000 10:23 AM

RE:Trouting Around the 'Burbs
Ah yes, but it's a big pond and I was very well hidden from the maddening "Power Bait Squadron" until I went to the beach and caught three more fish on 5 casts right off the boat ramp. I had two powerbaiters come up and ask to look at my rod. "I gotta git me one a dem. How much would a set-up like that cost me?" When I told them, they quietly sulked back to their powerbait rods and sat on a bucket.

juro 04-17-2000 04:23 PM

RE:Trouting Around the 'Burbs
Steve -

Backside cove area was loaded with some trout hunting right onto the beach (like stripers) Sat AM. The wind was stiff quartering from the right rear and we were just casting without flies on the tippet but man there sure were a lot of trout around!

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