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Dble Haul 03-15-2005 12:18 PM

Baby muskrat (swap entry)
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Here is Pete's entry in the pike swap, along with his comments:

This is a good pattern for large pike, tied on two 45 MM Waddington shanks that are joined by a size #2 split ring. Itís a good muskie pattern as well, but for muskie I use a split ring at the tail end with a treble, size 2/0 and the same in the middle. The hook for the pike version is placed on the joining split ring in the middle; this one is a Gammi 3/0. The rear end bunch of deer hair is tied with the tips facing forward and then bent back bullet style, the rest of the deer hair body is tied at about Ĺ inch intervals, usually 3 bunches of hair, pencil sized, per shank length, tied alternating top/bottom then right & left side, leave all the butts unclipped to add to the bulk and flotation. The tail is a 3-inch piece of worn out bootlace. The scragglier the fly looks, the better it works, making large water displacement on each pull.

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