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Mulepadre 02-27-2005 07:55 PM

Best Sunglasses?
There are a lot of brands out there for us flyfisherman.
What have people found to be the best polarizers and wear for the money?
(No sponsors please)

KMcFly 02-27-2005 08:20 PM

I use Action Optics Photocromatic Clearwater Copper and they work for me in Chatham or Andros and they have great customer service.

andre 02-27-2005 08:34 PM

I had action optics and thought they were excellent until I required a new lense and they told me $60 plus shipping. They are nice and I also had the copper lenses. Now I have two pair of Bolle and they seam to work as well.

clouser UK 02-28-2005 03:14 AM

I've used Maui Jim's for the last 2 years and think they are great!
Wasn't sure of the rose coloured tint, but they have proved to be good in most conditions.
I use them for driving, fishing and normal wear and they are so light you forget they are there :hihi:

Dave :wink:

jamie 02-28-2005 04:52 AM

Cool sunnies
I have recently switched to the Costa Del Mar, Pescador with the glass green mirror finish and the amber lens. They really cut through the water and provide good protection.

Mulepadre 02-28-2005 06:18 AM

I was doing some surfing and found these FISHING GOGGLES :roll:
Anyone tried these?
Cabelas has them for $76

Eddie 02-28-2005 06:59 AM

those goggles ARE WACK! cheaply made. look foolish. aren't comfortable(for me). feel cheap.
Ation Optics are excellent. Maui Jim are expensive, but super high quality. I liked my Costa Del Mars till they got scratched up.
Amber and Copper colors are generally best. I like glass (but polycarb is more comfortable). Try to get a lense with good coverage (you don't want too much light leaking around the sides. Do a search on this site. There has been a ton written on the subject. :smokin:

fcch 02-28-2005 07:28 AM


I use Adidas Gazelle's.

They are well polarized and wrap around pretty well. Pricey, but I use them for x-country skiing, cycling, alpine skiing, general use, fishing as well as moderate mountain work.

Interchangeable lenses, but only the Brown is polarized. That's OK, as the water on my home waters is usually slightly yellow. Poly lenses, so the ˘ptics are pretty crisp.

Lense color is VERY important. If you're one of those lucky ones with crystal clear water, Blue lenses might be better, but as soon as one gets into water that have tanins leaching in (like in cedar forests), the yellow, brown or amber lenses might help to pick out details more.

juro 02-28-2005 07:55 AM

I've been happy with any premium brand I've owned, but here are a few thoughts:
  • If you are a flyfisherman using larger flies, buy polycarbonate instead of glass. shards of shattering glass can cause more damage than a fly in most cases.
  • Preventing scratches on polycarbonate lenses is as easy as wearing a 'loop' around the neck. Although when reaching over the gunwhale, pull the loop tight to the neck or expect the glasses to make a crunching sound.
  • Most experts say amber heightens contrast while gray preserves color recognition. Choose the color based on how you best see fish. I use color a lot in my detection scheme as my vision is 20/15 and contrast enhancement is not an issue. When I wear amber I see contrast better but the lack of color difference is not comfortable to my mind, which after many years of sight fishing has become accustomed to giveaway hues. Work within your own body and mind when choosing sight fishing glasses.
  • Polarization by nature is linear filtering, so tilt your head to see through glare better as needed.
  • Although lightweight is a real plus in comfort, durability is also important in the long run when buying glasses $100, $200 or more. Having tried both extremes, a compromise between the two is the best option IMHO.
  • Buy the best optics you can find. Even a slight distortion over the course of several hours can give you a horrible migrane.

Polarized glasses are the most important tool on the flats, other than the rod, sunscreen and a long brim hat. Everything else is optional.

teflon_jones 02-28-2005 08:53 AM

I use a pair of $60 glasses I got at Eddie Bauer. I picked them up just as everyday glasses, but the polarization is so effective that I ended up using them for fishing too! I was very surprised how good they really are.

Adrian 02-28-2005 09:14 AM

Sort of on-topic - Just wondering if anyone has tried the "scartch repair" kits I see offered from time to time? If it could extend the life of an expensive pair of poly-carbs then it would be a great product.

Mulepadre 02-28-2005 05:40 PM

For Juro
This is for Juro,

I respect your point of view so am curious how you would respond now in reference to a post below which you made back in March of 2001 about Fisherman Eyeware. From what I can gather perhaps those glasses did not last...

However I talked today with Fisherman Eyeware and they said they would fix or replace a scratched or broken pair, no questions asked. "They want me for returning customer" was their reasoning. Fine by me...

At $49 for polycarbonates--no polychromatic molecules in the lenses--but polarized, one could buy two/three for the price of Action Optics polys. However maybe bad optics...
so I am now favoring the Action Optics "Fishbone" :cool:

Check out Fisherman Eywear's:


Originally Posted by juro
I am totally pleased with the $49 Fisherman Eyewear brand gray wrap-around polycorbonate polarized shades sold at Costco, model 90301. They are shatterproof and cut the glare beautifully. At that price I am thinking of buying a back-up pair although these have served me very well and I expect to have them for a long time.

<b>In my opinion, FWIW, is that they are the best price/performance value in polarized polycarbs on the market.</b>

papenfus 02-28-2005 06:48 PM

Action optics _ Ambush_poor quality
I have been very unhappy with this pair of glasses. The lenses pop out on these guys way too easy. After losing a lens after it popped out on me while fishing, I took them into the local shop to see what could be done. The action optics rep said he would replace them because apparently there had been some manufacturing problems and losing lenses was somewhat of a problem. Well, I got a new pair, and would you believe the same thing started happening again. The only pocket I would ever carry them in was the pocket of a fleece, but I was told to always carry them in their case when not around my head. The other day, I got them out of the carrying case which had been sitting in my fishing vest and would you know it, I put them on, and not a minute later, the fricking lens pops out again. I pick it up and there is a nice crack through the lense. I give up with these glasses. Definitely not worth the cash.

juro 02-28-2005 07:37 PM

Mulepadre -

My romance with these glasses lasted a while but as the glaring sun of the Monomoy flats beamed down and I became full-time during the striper season out there the plastic began to degrade in the sun (or such is my belief) and cracked in the same spot three pairs in a row.

Try as I might to glue the crack back together, the material would not hold for long even with the allmighty aquaseal. In my book if aquaseal can't hold it game over. You might not expose your plastic frames to the UV I do, but I've switched to metal frames.

Since then I have met the staff at Denver and am completely impressed with their new products and dedication of the anglers needs. I want to investigate their new products further and will contact them to discuss sponsorship.

If these glasses had not split I would still be touting them. The jury is out on their new product line... it would be cool to review their products in the field.

Adrian 02-28-2005 08:14 PM

Action Optics, copper lens, tortoise shell frames. Now about to commence their 4th season of abuse and still going strong. I did make a repair on one of the side fames but apparently you can get spare parts.

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