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Shaq 02-17-2005 09:48 AM

OK That's all I can stand
The Salmon River has been raised to 750cfs and I don't care how cold it is on Sunday....I'm going. Haven't wet a line for two months.

Charlie 02-18-2005 07:26 AM

Good luck Shaq and let us know how you do. I want to a small lake Erie trib last Sunday and got one small fish. It came in like a boot! Spent most of the day dogging icebergs.


P.S. Be careful and watch out for shelf ice.

Shaq 02-18-2005 08:06 AM

will do
will do, going to stay in the upper Salmon, not much ice up there and with the colder temps, the lower end will stay slushy anyways. That boot is one more fish than I've hooked in 2005.

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