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Limpe 02-13-2005 07:00 AM

Been reading some topics for a week or so..forgot to introduce myself..
Flyfisher from the Netherlands, fish mostly in small streams with an occasional trip to the sea.
Tie my own flies, from small classic dries to hefty epoxy streamers.
Hooked on flyfishing and everything related to it for two years and a half now.
So far visited some countries, Norway, Denmark, Belgium,France but the thing that has made the biggest impression is the power of the ilusive bonefish, yet fishing with a #2 rod on the local streams is where most of the spare time goes.

Handling rods varying from a 6Ft #2 to a Double hander#10, still learning, hope i'm never done learning...what a great forum! :D

Flawless Flat...a dream come true... :Eyecrazy:

juro 02-13-2005 08:05 AM


That's such an inviting photo. Where is it taken... should there be some tails waving or it is in the Netherlands?

Limpe 02-13-2005 10:01 AM

Hello Juro,
This picture was taken in Bonaire, one of the ABC islands that together form the Dutch Antilles, as described by my fishing-buddy Marco in this topic .

It was the day of our arrival, since we got off the plain really early we decided to pack our gear and start the days before the wind was gone, the day after we arrived the wind started blowing again....bummer...

Too bad that fishing on this spot is prohibited, such a shame, cuz some really big bones where to be seen over there, only in the mornings and evenings during a full moon...

Neverthenless, we had a good trip!
One i keep dreaming about this..
Look what i found....
As i said, wind started blowing...
Some gear...
Nooooo, don't swim into those.....


teflon_jones 02-14-2005 06:59 AM

Welcome to the forum Limpe. :) Those are some great pics! What do you fish for with the 2 wt?

Limpe 02-14-2005 12:57 PM

On the 2Wt mostly roach and all the species that are related to them.
I'm sorry but i don't know the english names for the other fish..

You won't find any trout or grayling in the streams, altough there have been some projects on trying to keep those species...
Since our streams don't have a gravel bottom but a sandy bottom those species don't spawn...

But we catch rainbow trouts in reservoirs, mostly a boring form of flyfishing wich i seldom practice..the roach and all the species that come with them give good sport, besides that there's the sport on locating them and practicing stealth fishery, wich i really like, besides, it helped me spot bonefish and succesfully catch them on my first ever non-guided trip...

On the bigger rivers a newly discovered sportfish is an aspius aspius(latin name) (again, i don't know the english name..), once in a while ( most people do not report the catch of a salmon, i guess they take em home and frie of the reasons there's not a kept record on those captures) )some salmon is hooked, but not on a regular basis, i guess there's enough to do round here...

So..i pays to sneak up to our local fish...

I'd be happy to post some on this kind of flyfishing, spring and summer is coming..

The lack of finding trout is compensated by travelling to belgium ( a 2 hour drive) where there are some small trout and grayling to be caught, no big fish however...

A popular species is a form a bass, to be caught nearby the sea and in harbours, besides that compared to the power of a bonefish or another high-rated sportfish there's not much to do round here, in terms of heavily fisghting fish that is..

Wintertime is for flyfishing for pike, tying flies and travelling to tropical destinations...and spitting trough forums like these to find new DIY destinations for bonefishing.... :wink:


QuebecSporting 02-14-2005 06:48 PM

Bonsoir Limpe
Ah!! Those photos are absolutely out of this world.....

What I see and hear is: Peace and nature's sounds.....

:confused: ( Okay it' cold here and it's getting to me!!!!)

Welcome Limpe!


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