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Knut 02-10-2005 12:14 AM

Buying a Reel
Iím brand new in the Fly Fishing world, and I'm in the process of buying a 5/6 weight reel. Iím down to Ross Cimarron 5-7wt, Redington CD Series 5/6, Orvis Battenkill Mid Arbor III, and a Galvan ďStandardĒ 5-6. Iím looking for an idea of quality, and reputation. Does anyone have some experiences to share on any of these reels?

Eddie 02-10-2005 08:51 AM

I order of my preference: the Ross, then the Galvan (so close between the two, pick the one that looks better to you), then the Orvis and then the the Redington.Why? Hard to say because they will all do the job, but Ross reels will last a long time. I don't think you would ever have to replace that ross unless you banged it up, or just wanted a nicer reel. The same could be said for the Galvin, except that they have been making the Ross for about ten years longer.
The Orvis and Redington might not stay together quit as well.

steelmaniac 02-26-2005 10:21 AM

hardy's are also good too. A nice click and pawl drag as that huge trout takes line :cool:

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