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Lefty 07-18-2000 08:16 AM

Smallmouth Flies
Got a week with the family lined up on a smally pond in Me. mid August. Can anyone suggest any good flies? I plan to tie up some small clousers but not sure about typical hook size or colors.


Pete 07-19-2000 06:38 AM

RE:Smallmouth Flies

Try to tie some up in yellow perch colors yellow bottom brown top use a marker to add in different bands. There is a pretty good article in the recent Fly Tyer (Summer 2000) about a marabou candy fly that looks really easy to tie and adaptable for a wide range of species (SW and FW). I'd probably tie the clousers on SW hooks myself, size 4 or 6, even 8. Have you tried using craft fur for small clousers? You can get it at craft stores and flyshops in a bunch of colors. On real small clousers you might want to check out calf tail - (I read that too).

Good luck,


mayflyman 08-11-2001 08:36 PM

Tie up some minnows. (THUNDER CREEK & MICKEY FINN's, Orvis pattern's) The THUNDER CREEK was the most effective on them, and it's simple to make.
Start with a #6 streamer hook, tie silver/gold mylar along the shank to about mid hook.
Next, tie brown deer hair on top and white deer hair on bottom of hook protruding towards the eye.
Wind thread towards the eye to secure the deer hair.
Bend the deer hair towards the bend in the hook, keeping the brown on top and the white on the bottom.
Last, tie off mid-way on the shank. (careful not to pull too tight-this keeps the deer hair from fairing)
I caught 5 today on these minnow patterns. :)
I hope you read this before you leave for your trip.
Best of luck
aka: mayflyman

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