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Gillie 02-03-2005 07:33 PM

I have to vent !!!
I was channel surfing tonight and came upon an episode of Jimmy Houston Adventures. This isn't a show I would normally watch but the information on the cable directory mentioned salmon fishing so I scrolled over to it.

It was an episode on salmon fishing in Michigan. They were blatantly snagging fish on television and to add insult to injury they were keeping them. I don't live in Michigan but my understanding is that is ilegal to snag in Michigan .

It's idiots like this that ruin the streams and the fishing. .

This is a link for feedback to The Outdoor Channel for feedback. They need to know that people won't support the network or the companies that they advertise if this is the sort of ethics (or lack there of) that they support.

Write them and let them know that people will hold them to a higher standard.


wilson 02-03-2005 10:38 PM

We'll all be glad to let them know how we feel about this. It may fall up on deaf ears though. Looks like these guys would support a TV show about carp fishing with dynamite. We'll all do our best.


Charlie 02-07-2005 03:06 PM


You don't happen to remember who some of the sponsors of that show where do you? If you let the sponsors know you will boycott there products if they continue to support such a show, you will find you get more action than a strait foreword complaint.


P.S. Do you still need Silver Pheasant? I came across another skin and now have tons of it. PM me with your address and I can send you a pile of assorted feathers if you still need them.

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