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QuebecSporting 02-01-2005 07:23 PM

Which one??
I am fishing with my spey rod...

Why would I use a spey fly?? More than any other fly!!

Curious angler from the North "Pole" :mad:

A... :cool:

flytyer 02-01-2005 07:53 PM


I'd use my spey rod with any of these three flies tied to the tippet. The Lady Amhearst and Orange Parson work well for steelhead on the west coast too.

fcch 02-01-2005 08:24 PM


North Pole ... Man you guys got hammered by the weather. :whoa:

I guess you were on the road though. How'd the Expo go ??

QuebecSporting 02-01-2005 08:50 PM

Bonsoir Fcch
The shows were great....
I always enjoy doing these shows.....
Hmmm?? Very dangerous places to spend money!!!!

Now I am back in Gaspé ( in a Motel again! :confused: )
Seems I have some pipes (underground) that froze and broke!!!
North Pole, you bet!!

I do think we need more snow!!!!

I am hoping ( believe it or not) for big snow storms in Feb and March!!!!
( Mother Nature...please deliver!!) :smile:

I wonder too, (saw a few snowmobiles running up the Madeleine and York river today) how these salmon deal with the vibration. They must be on their backs kicking for silence!!! :confused:

Do you have a lot of snow in your area??


A... :roll:

fcch 02-02-2005 09:45 AM


No real snow. COLD -40 a few days. Snow accumulations this year are down from normal.

I'll try to drop by at the Quebec City show (I hope).

Spock 02-10-2005 07:29 PM


heard you got a good amount of snow this week.


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