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juro 01-29-2000 04:15 PM

Bronzeback Clave
This is a call to arms for people who can access Maine or New Hampshire's Lakes Region in end May through mid-June. There is a world class smallmouth bass fishery in which I've had personal experience with 5+ pound bronzebacks. it is typically a sight-fishery if pods are located pre-spawn, or if they are on the gravel bars. If not, they are hunted in traditional fashion.

Canoes and kayaks are plenty, but these lakes can handle large boats.

I am familiar with a certain area of Lake Winnepesaukee but we should consider other options based on recommendations in surrounding areas and southern Maine. By default, the area will be a number of prominent lake structures adjacent to Meredith NH.

A day trip is an option due to proximity for New England members.

Any takers?

marvin 01-30-2000 08:06 PM

RE:Bronzeback Clave
I'd prefer southern Maine, only because the in-laws have a place there and it limits the number of out-of-state licenses I have to come up with. However, I will graciously accept the majority's choice of locale.


juro 01-31-2000 12:01 AM

RE:Bronzeback Clave
Hmm... so you must know all about that incredible fishery in the early summer! It's really something else, and just within a couple of hours from home. It would even me a worthwhile day outing for some.

Let me know if you have a premier location in mind for SO / ME. As far as license cost, I believe the 3-day NH pass is cheap. I can't recall, I always buy NH season licenses, even the salmon stamps - every year. Pricey now that you mention it.

Well, hope this works out. It's been over a decade since fished up there but I hear it's as good as ever.


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