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life_is_reel 01-22-2005 12:15 AM

Can I Under-line
Well, I'm gonna pop for a new 7 wt rod (Sage FLi) for steelhead and shad and am trying to save money where I can. I've have a spare 6WF-F line that I'm wondering if I could use with this rod for a while for indicator nymphing. This way, I can afford to buy an extra spool and sink tip for swinging flies now. Any thoughts.
Thanks ahead,

flytyer 01-22-2005 12:58 AM

I wouldn't use a 6 WF on that rod because you will have to work a lot harder to get the rod to load properly with it. It can be done, but it really takes a hard, fast stroke to do it and you are going to end up using that harder, faster stroke all day long. Talk about really wanting to wear yourself out, this is the way to do it.

If, however, you put a 6 wt salmon/steelhead taper line on the rod, it would be fine because the salmon/steelhead line has a much longer belly/back taper so it carries a lot more weight once you get out to 40' and beyond than the standard 6 WF line, which has a belly of only 30' whereas the salmon/steelhead line has a belly of about 45' give or take a few feet.

Personally, I look at buying one of the cheaper WF 7 lines line the SA Air Cell, Cortland 333, or one of other cheaper WF lines on the market.

Eddie 01-22-2005 08:45 AM

i would only add that for nymphing, a light line could be alot of work with an under lined rod. there are some really inexpensive lines out there.

teflon_jones 01-22-2005 11:50 PM

It would be fine to under-line that rod if you were using a sinking line. You could also use the WF6F on it, but you'd probably get annoyed (and tired) trying to cast it. A full flex rod (or even mid-flex) would probably be ok to under-line in general too. A fast action rod just isn't conducive to it!

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