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h2o 01-19-2005 07:28 PM

Neat Trick
After checking out a new Popovic's (spelling ?) reverse tie salt water bucktail streamer in a magazine. I came home and tied one (no I did not buy the magazine just read it there......grin ) Anyways.........I did not like the pattern as much a I thought but remembered the suggested trick for large bucktail or Deceiver type patterns.

"When finished tying hold them by the hook eye or point with the eye up and run them under hot water at the sink. Then place on a paper towel to dry, for a smooth :Eyecrazy: look when dry.

One of my favorite patterns for river Pike here is a yellow & red Deceiver. I tied a few after the reverse tie......while I was at the bench. The tail feathers used for Deceivers on my streamer necks can curl sitting in the bag, which makes it tuff to keep sets matched up. Also bucktail can be a bit un-ruley when tied in on big patterns. This little trick worked like a charm It reminded me of steaming feathers

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