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juro 08-09-2001 03:32 PM

Hands-free yak fishing??

ON second thought... can you say "sharkbait"? }>

SOLO 08-09-2001 04:53 PM

I saw this model at the Providence fishing show last...It's an interesting concept...especially if you paint the bottlom and flippers a dark seal-blue-black and trail a chum bag soaked with bunker oil.

Sorta' like going deer hunting in a deer costume...on the brink!

jborkowski 08-11-2001 06:30 AM

i'll have to send this video to hobiecat. i'm sure their lawyers will be pleased.

RealPlayer required.

John Desjardins 08-11-2001 08:37 AM


jborkowski (08-11-2001 07:30 a.m.):
i'll have to send this video to hobiecat. i'm sure their lawyers will be pleased.

RealPlayer required.
WOW,I saw this on last nights Dateline. Its quite a sight to see a 14-16 foot great white completely out of the water with a seal in its mouth. The program is supposed to run as part of shark week sometime in the next month.

SOLO 08-11-2001 10:48 AM

Shark week on the Discovery with Nigel at 9PM this Sunday...

juro 08-12-2001 09:55 AM

I caught that ultimate sharkiness episode, it was awesome. The way they can be put into a daze with a rub under the snout is just as amazing.

Wouldn't want to be yakkin' along that stretch of sea.

Eddie 08-16-2001 11:33 PM

Speaking of sharks, I saw on the tube two jet skiers motoring through a school of hundreds of sharkss. From a helicopter, the dramatic irony was off the charts.
As far as the Hobie kayak is concerned, I have a buddy in Fla. who is a .com retiree who loves his. Fishes every day (usually out of his Maverick) and swears by it. He says that it's much more eficient than just a paddle, and I belive him. All the human powered records are powered in the recumbant possition.

juro 08-21-2001 11:24 AM

I actually really like the idea and am really not very concerned about shark attacks. There are places where I might be but not where I would be kayaking. It's a great idea to have hands free. A pedal prop might be nice too although it's probably prone to damage. A tunnel vee prop yak... OK now I am getting a bit carried away.

The animation appears to suggest a little up and down motion while the fins operate.

I wonder if you can flap one side to turn.

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