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SOLO 08-08-2001 03:38 PM

Redington Large Arbor Special
Check out ( ...large arbor Redington reels worth looking at...great price...see sale page!

juro 08-08-2001 05:22 PM

Great tip Pete!

Eddie 08-09-2001 10:14 PM

The deals on the Orvis Silver Label rods is also very impressive. $180 bucks for a prettygood #8 is a good value.

SOLO 08-10-2001 06:42 AM

You snoozzze, you loozzze!

TinMan 08-11-2001 04:47 PM


SOLO (08-10-2001 07:42 a.m.):
You snoozzze, you loozzze!
Pretty much same deals at Concord Outfitters.

Eddie 08-11-2001 09:05 PM

I wonder if Redington or the shops are dropping that line of reels? Why would they be on sale otherwise? Big "O" is replacing the TLs with a new line of "titanium" rods. Didn't take long for big brother to snag Redingtons new toy.
On a related note, Powel is introducing the "Tiboron". You guessed it, a titanium and boron mix. Could be really good or...

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