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Salmon Chaser 12-28-2004 05:48 PM

Where on the York?!?!
evening everyone.
Looking hard at a few days on the York this summer,,probably around the 8th till the 11th of July. As a 'public pool" type, I am looking to some help from the board as to where to concentrate my time/effort and to which sectors would be the best bang for the buck! As an example, if the water is on the rise, would sector 7 be a smart choice as fish have to go through it to get to Offie and Spruin?? I see that 7 is the cheapest section for a non-resident so obviously the pools are not great.
Help please!!! What about zone 6?? Looking forward to your help and thanks in advance!!
Salmon Chaser

QuebecSporting 12-29-2004 10:59 AM

Hi SalmonChaser!!
York in July....

Herre are my thoughts...

Open waters on the York are sectors 1-5-7-10
So, once you buy your daily access you are allowed to fish all pools in all these sectors ( adventurous.but, there's fish!)
At that time of year, here's what I'd do..

I'd make sure to be on the river early...
My first pool would be "Petit Saumon" sector 1.... if there are fresh fish around, they'll be hanging out there. ( a secret.... shhh!! Cross and fish it from the other side)
I would then go check "Baillargeon Pool" , it's a great resting pool for fresh new fish. Then go to " Huit Bouleaux".... I would cross and fish that pool real good, and at the very bottom.. ( could hold fresh fish).
Then I'd run to sector 5 " Gary" and Sentier" pools should hold a few... ( you'll probably need a water bottle to come back to the parking lot!!)

Sector 7 - Chute Pool will have fish, without a doubt, but probably many anglers waiting for a cast..... I'd prefer not waitng..I'd run to Guard Rail or Castor.
Castor is right below "Offie". . Once down to the river, there is a secret pool on your left, too...... ( walk a few'll figure it out!")

Then, I'd go fish a few Pools in Sector 10.... "Pont", Stony Beaver etc.... ( there could be very, very large fish in these pools....)

Then in the evening, I would try to fish those same pools in Sector 1 again, fresh fish are usually on the move and some never saw a fly yet!!

If you check at the Zec office, there is a book (open to public) telling you where people are catching fish..... ( it's reliable at 75%)

Photo: Castor Pool (Sector 7)

I would also consider flishing Sector 3 and 5 (open waters) on the Dartmouth!!
We had quite the fishing last season!!!

If you plan for the draws...
I would consider the following choices
York 8
York 2
York 9
York 3
York 4
York 6 ( the last because, if levels are low..... they tend to move out this sector, call at the Zec before entering the draws to know the levels)



shoot!! Now are my secrets are out!! :(

Salmon Chaser 12-29-2004 12:27 PM

Thanks Ann!!!!
Hello Ann!
What a great report you have given, and if i can ever help with any info, please feel free to drop me a line.
Here is another question, which public pools lend themselves to a two-hander? More to the point,,,i am not making 120' casts, only need the space to use these rods and not be cramped. also, can i buy my daily passes at once for a 3-5 day trip rather than losing time by purchasing each day?
Thanks again
Salmon Chaser
Happy New Year!!

QuebecSporting 12-29-2004 01:03 PM

Hi Again
You can buy a daily pass for 3-4 days in a row.
I still would keep one day for open waters Dartmouth ( I'm telling you!!! :D ... we really had excellent fishing!!!!) Postbrook.... Man, great Spey water too!!!

Petit Saumon, Baillargeon, Huit Bouleaux can easily use your Spey rod

Some excellent pools in Sector 10 too...

The other sectors...all willl depend on water levels...

Oh!! We are forgetting the St-Jean , here!!! My favourite of the 3!!
Excellent spey waters and Man those fish are fighters.....
(will you be able to sleep tonight?? :Eyecrazy: )

Wild Rose, Bluff, Mosquito Castle......... ( here I go again... leaking all my secrets!)

(Wild Rose - St-Jean)


removed_by_request 12-30-2004 04:31 PM


You make it very tempting, how does one get started on this adventure?

QuebecSporting 12-30-2004 05:28 PM

Good Evening
Well, it's pretty easy.

The three rivers here in Gaspé are York -Dartmouth - St-Jean.
They are divided in Sectors for 2 anglers, 6 anglers, and 8 anglers..or you can fish "Open waters" ( meaning no limit of anglers and no reservations required).

Rates for waters ( for non-residents) will cost between $ 56.36 +tx CDn to $ 123.00+tx CDN)
Then, lodging in town will be through Motel , Campgrounds etc....
Roughly: $ 60.00+TX CDN ( a motel for 2 anglers)and higher depending on your needs etc..

All "Sight Fishing"!

2004 runs were as follows:

York: 1892 salmon ( 682 were grilses)
Dartmouth: 1097 salmon( 640 were grilses)
St-Jean: 1063 salmon ( 386 were grilses)

Season: June 1 to September 30

Tight Lines for 2005!!


A few other rivers in the area!!

Muckle Salmon 12-30-2004 08:01 PM

zone 5&7
Ann, you forgot to tell the boys to make sure they eat their wheaties before tackling 5 & 7 :Eyecrazy:


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