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Broadbill 12-25-2004 03:13 PM

Tim & Doug Watts Make the New York Times
The campaign waged by forum member Tim Watts and his brother to have the American eel listed as an endangered species has made the "Science" section of The New York Times.

Today's online edition carries a story on their work. The link is here:

Good PR is part of this fight. Good going; nice coverage.

[Note: the Times is one of those sites that requires registration for access to articles like this.]

OC 12-26-2004 02:10 PM

Thanks Tim for all your work. The American eel is a fond memory from my earliest youth. Those wonderful days fishing the different ponds in Weymouth, MA. and hooking eels and having them wrap around every stick they could find. I remember all the old Italians always asking me to keep one for them if I could get one to shore.

I kept one once for myself and cooked it as the old timers did and it was just incredible.

How often I think about their journey and how they can swim places that no fish could ever manage. Though not an American eel I once killed a 5 foot black eel in New Zealand for dinner. It was moving up a tiny water fall laden stream above tree line an elevation of maybe 5500 feet on the South Island. Fried eel for days, boy did it taste good after about 20 days in a row of eating dried pakaged food.

juro 12-27-2004 08:07 AM

Tim -

Keep up the good work on behalf of the eel and other the anadramous species as well. You and your brother are true stewards of the resource and it's inspiring to see your dedication to protecting them.

It's easy for us to get focused on gamefish here in this group but you reinforce to me the concept that these species are intricately related and inseparable, to care for the health of all such species is to do what's best for the ones we pursue. Unless there is a healthy population, we need to focus our attention on bringing them to health, and only then do we deserve to indulge.

Please feel free to use the site to raise awareness or recruit volunteers in the days to come if you need help - I would certainly like to assist however I can.

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