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JusBones 11-21-2004 10:08 AM

I have to mention this....
I am not prone to complaining but.....yesterday I flipping through ESPN and the OLN (Outdoor Life Network).......OLN has some guy and he's hooked up with a I stay with the program...I love bonefishing....At anyrate,
they were landing fish and handling them in a real rough manner....then this BoZo...the guy whose show it is holds up a the gills...and slams it back into the water....I think the program was "Sportfishing Magazine" or something like guys were sad........neither could get 30 feet of line out,
all the releases were of very tired, small fish, and they manhandled them all...the worse was the Permit by the gills slam....There I feel better now..... :mad:

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