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MarkDoogue 03-09-2001 06:28 PM

Fanny Pack Alternative
I just received this William Joseph bandolier today. I didn't want a fanny pack, so when I came across this I jumped on it.

From the quick once over I've given it tonight it looks perfect for carrying gear while working the beaches.

The best part, when you want to access the rear compartment you merely tug on the strap and the back section glides over your shoulder from back to front.

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<img src="[/img]


Hawkeye 03-09-2001 07:35 PM

RE:Fanny Pack Alternative
Just make sure all those pouches are zippered up before you pull the back to the front .... sploosh.

juro 03-10-2001 12:37 AM

RE:Fanny Pack Alternative
Interesting! I am currently a chest pack fan, preferably w/ removable rear compartment. That gives the long day/short day option without transfering any gear out of the front. It is very steady in it's position due to the harness design. The one glitch is that it's not as simple as it could be to retrieve items out of the back. This design offers an interesting way to deal with that.

If the sling design is less stationary than the traditional chest pack harness and tended to get in the way, I would sacrifice the convenience of fetching the from the back in favor of the unflappable chest pack harness. On the other hand, if it stays in place and doesn't bother me when I climb a fence, paddle, cast, whatever - it would be a welcome new addition to the FF arsenal.

You got my curiosity, I'd love to check it out when I get a chance.

MarkDoogue 03-10-2001 10:29 AM

RE:Fanny Pack Alternative
I was unsure of the stability of it as well. When it arrived, though, I was pleased to find a waist level strap that wraps around your body. It latches in the front, just under the small chest pack, effectively locking it to your torso when you don't want it to move. I don't know if it is an add on to their original design because the bandolier in the picture definitely doesn't have one.

I'll bring it to the casting clave for people to check out.

~Mark Doogue

Willie Gunn 03-10-2001 05:21 PM

RE:Fanny Pack Alternative
I cannot remember who it was who descibes us as two nations seperaterated by a common language but "fanny" is not a topic we would discuss in Scotland. I was fair taken aback, I almost choked on my dram.

juro 03-10-2001 08:12 PM

RE:Fanny Pack Alternative
Willie -

I would be curious to learn what it 'translates' to, here it's a politically correct way to refer to the buttocks, and a fanny pack is the type that straps horizontally around the waist with the compartment over the small of the back or the upper buttocks.

I recall two amusing "English" exchanges where I walked into an executive area in the Coventry UK headquarters and said "so this is where the heavyweights hang out?". In the states, a heavyweight is the highest championship ranking, used to denote power - not body weight. Over there I understand it's a derrogatory word for overweight! D'oh!

The second was ironically one of these same top Coventry managers while visiting the states... he was invited to dinner by one of the execs and when the execs wife served dinner he called her "homely". That's a compliment in England but over here it means quite the opposite. I was relieved to hear that it goes both ways!


Willie Gunn 03-11-2001 09:05 AM

RE:Fanny Pack Alternative
Hi Juro.
In Scotland a fanny is the part of a womens anatomy which is never mentioned in polite company and certainly not discussed on the internet or not on the angling pages anyway.

MarkDoogue 03-11-2001 10:23 AM

RE:Fanny Pack Alternative

I apologize for knocking you out of your chair with my post title.

This is not unlike the time that a gentleman, employed by Guinness, came over from Northern Ireland to work with me for a week. While visiting my first customer on our very first day of working together he managed to demonstrate the extremely different meanings common words can have from culture to culture.

In the midst of a very friendly conversation he was attempting to explain that he had traveled to the States to study the Boston market and to have some fun along the way. Now, the problem came in the translation of the word fun. The Irish Gaelic equivalent of "fun" is "craic," pronounced CRACK. His exact words, " I came to Boston for a Guinness/Bass Import Company market survey, and to find some good craic!" You want to talk about a completely blank stare on someone's face, my non-Irish customer was completely dumbfounded and it was only 9:00 in the morning.

This also reminds me of the "Rumble in the Jungle" in Zaire between George Forman and Ali. Foreman made the mistake of traveling to Zaire with his German Shepherds, a symbol of oppression to the Africans. German Shepherds were the dog of choice with the white police officials that enforced the atrocities of apartheid. Result, Ali won the nation over with his "man of the people" demeanor, and Foreman was universally hated because of his dogs and his standoffish nature.

Thanks for letting me know not to use the F word while visiting the birthplace of golf.

striblue 03-11-2001 03:51 PM

RE:Fanny Pack Alternative
Gee.... Juro and olddoogue you had better not wear your tartan skirts over here...opps..Kilt.

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