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h2o 11-08-2004 06:37 PM

how many are committed to something besides egg patterns ?
I was wondering how many anglers here are committed to fishing/tying something besides egg patterns & bead head nymphs most of the time for Steelhead ?Be it streamers, buggers,wets,soft hackles,speys...............just wondering.

Second question - who is still using a single handed rod besides myself for the above ?
Third - do you prefer to fish sink tips when possable ?

peter-s-c 11-08-2004 07:04 PM

I'm on the ten step program to never using eggs and nymphs again -- speys and streamers only.

What's a "single handed rod"?

Sinktips? What other way is there?

Gillie 11-08-2004 08:01 PM

1 year without an egg or nymph in the box. Before that I tried to carry both but found myself pulling out the eggs when things got tough.

If your serious you just have to go cold turkey.


DARKSTAR 11-08-2004 08:20 PM

Speys, wets, and the occaisonal nymph only

2 handed only(pref cane)

Lead-free and loving it, mend, mend, mend

I fish floating lines only, unless I am fishing the mouths

Bob Pauli 11-08-2004 08:55 PM

When you say nymph, do you mean nymph artificial as per English language, or do you use nymph as a pseudonym for 'indicator' fishing?

Moose 11-08-2004 09:05 PM

I "Prefer" to fish beadhead nymphs and wets on a floating line and long leader, but have found myself switching to the eggs after spells of fishlessness and have hooked up more on the eggs. As a consolation to this I reward myself for not seeing my spey rods as "Fine, expensive long crawler poles", although I'm sure my catch rates would soar with a bit of garden hackle on the hook.

Should we start a thread on how to keep a worm on a hook while executing a snap T and 80 foot forward spey? I'm thinking a few whip finish turns and some Zap-a-Gap. :whoa:

h2o 11-08-2004 09:45 PM

O.K. I am in the right spot. This site was dead a year or so ago, haven't been here since, glad to see it picked up.

Yea, I have done some step programs myself there is one for everything these days....................Why just the other day a stranger was telling me about a new self help group he joined............."paranoids anonymous" ............I asked him................"where are the meetings held"....................he would not tell me ........................lame joke (but I am not above that :p )

Kind of hard to fish egg patterns when you stop carrying them isn't it, been there done that. Not much of a fly from a tyers standpoint anywho.

Bob, I guess I used it as a pseudo....................but, isn't that some kind of fake seal dubbing or something :hihi:

I will be back.................

Dornblaser 11-09-2004 08:41 AM

Speys & Streamers
I use mostly Speys and Streamers as well although I do carry a small box with eggs in it. That is mostly habit and my wife is now joining me steelheading. Since she is new and not as proficient at mending as she will be she does use egg patterns. I do use tips and sink tip lines sometimes in the winter.

JDJones 11-09-2004 11:07 AM

pseudonym for "indicator" fishing?
indicator is a pseudonym for,,,,,,,,BOBBER :eek:

I find it more enjoyable to fish a traditional fly on a floating line and a long leader,,,,,,,even though my catch rate suffers.
One day I will get this thing figured out. A fly design that will get down without multiple wraps of lead. Where I can find fish in water that I can get the fly down far enough. When & where I can skate a fly across the surface.
Meanwhile, I take pleasure in being able to fish my fly in places that are out of reach of those that are trying to drift fish with a fly rod. :Eyecrazy:

removed_by_request 11-09-2004 11:08 AM

Ditto on what Peter said, will add to list tubes and hairwings.

Down and dirty is the way to swing.

flytyer 11-09-2004 01:21 PM

I never fish egg patterns or nymphs, and I hate cating weighted flies on my 2-hand rods. I use my 2-handers for 99% of my fishing and only use a single-hand rod on one nearby river (actually a mid-sized stream not more than 40' across at its widest sections) and then it is an 11' 8/9 that use with spey casts to keep out of the brush and trees behind. I use floating lines in the lower and low waters of summer/fall and sink tips the rest of the year.

Spey, dee, G.P.'s, Ally Shrimps (in original orange-red, purple, hot pink/orange, and Andy Wren's Cut Silk versons), featherwing low water and full dressed, skaters, wakers, and several Irish Shrimp style flies are what I use because I like the way they look and prefer that action of feather wings over hair wings.

peter-s-c 11-09-2004 01:33 PM


Originally Posted by JDJones
indicator is a pseudonym for,,,,,,,,BOBBER :eek:

I find it more enjoyable to fish a traditional fly on a floating line and a long leader,,,,,,,even though my catch rate suffers.
One day I will get this thing figured out. A fly design that will get down without multiple wraps of lead. Where I can find fish in water that I can get the fly down far enough.


Had some interesting experiences with fly hydrodynamics over the years. When I was playing around with float foam on the bodies of my streamers to get them closer to neutral buoyancy, one variant would leap out of the water, like a fleeing minnow, when stripped hard. Useless for catching fish but neat to watch.

Last year I was in NC on a fly flinger vs. bassing hardware chucker contest (me against two locals -- lawyers to boot -- I lost -- wonder why?) During one part of the trip, Jeffie the owner of the bay boat, announces that since the casting isn't getting us any stripers, we'll troll the river for them. They have rapalas on bass rods and I have a 10 wt. with a T-7 fullsink and a big clouser. Guess who was hitting bottom and catching the only fish? Me! The shape of the clouser nose was pushing the fly deep on the troll. I've since experimented with this method when pike fishing and have hung up on bottom at depths of 10'.

So, how about inventing a shovel-nosed spey fly? Tie a flatwing on top and spread some head cement over the front third or so as to have it holds its position and shape. Make sure there's some material just behind the flatwing so it holds it up at an angle to the flow of the current, producing a downward force on the fly. I have some unweighted flatwing speys already tied up -- gonna get the glue out tonight. :D

JDJones 11-09-2004 01:45 PM

has this thought occured to anyone else?
I've been wondering about this but been afraid to ask. But most of you on this thread may be OK with this.
But I have to wonder if the situation up here on the Rogue, the indy, two fly, nymph rig, and more importantly, the type of water (slots) these guys prefer to fish, may have evolved from guys that used to fish the same "holes/slots" with drift gear? It seems to me, ('course I'm the new kid on the block up here) that very few employ any kind of a cross river swing. It's all slot fishing.
And no, it doesn't bother me how one chooses to fish. Just that they camp rather than rotate through a run. But if the above is true, then that is maybe not the right water to swing a fly through anyway.

JDJones 11-09-2004 01:53 PM

Flat wing Speys
Hey Peter, I love it. Really, it's just an improvement, utilizing modern materials, of a Dee style fly. Ive tried Dahlgerg Divers, but probably haven't really spent enough time with them. Keep us posted on the "rapala" fies. :razz:

peter-s-c 11-09-2004 06:07 PM

Flatwing Spey
This fly is a bit mangled from being in the fly box for about a year but it does give some idea of the general arrangement. There's no material behind the wing to get it to stand up and that would have to be changed on the next attempts. The fly was just an experiment in traditional spey hackling technique -- bought the "Spey and Dee Flies" book so I had to give it a whirl. It wasn't meant to be a fish catching fly, just practice, but this patttern has taken a few fish so I'll persist with it.

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