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juro 02-26-2001 10:02 PM

Art Burton - did you get the inflatable yak?
Art -

Have you inflated it in the living room yet? Watched a game while laying in it? At this point in the long winter we've had, I think I would have. What is your assessment so far?


artb 02-27-2001 06:06 AM

RE:Art Burton - did you get the inflatable yak?
Juro, glad to hear from you, yes I got an inflatable boat, not a Yak. The reason is Stability, and the ability to stand to sight fish in the ponds, and to be able to get outside of the surf line, I don't think a Yak can do that as you are low to the water. Also perhaps if the oportunity presents itself, I can put on a small outboard. I bought the SeaEagle 6 Deluxe package. It came with oars, foot pump, floorboards, inflatable seats, and a motor mount. I have it inflated in the basement where I get in it and dream of this year. Without the floorboards it weighs about 25 pounds, even I can lift it easily. I will perhaps buy a 6 foot paddle. I also bought a wooden seat to which I am trying to think of a way I can put 2 small drawers for out of the way storage. I think this is going to be a new way of fishing, the only thing I have doubts about is it going to be tough enough for beaching. I think it would quick repair if necesary. Juro, anytime you feel like taking a ride down just hollar. We could kill a lot of ground at one time. How come you guys are not fishing the Swift River for trout ? I ahve fished the Y pool in January past. Just be careful of the bank footing with the snow. Water temp should be between 50 and 60 degrees F. I have fished RI for trout every month of the year. I also have caught Coho Salmon in NH,& Mass in December. Just dip the rod under water to deice the guides. TL art

juro 02-27-2001 09:13 AM

RE:Art Burton - did you get the inflatable yak?
Sorry Art, I do now recall that it was a boat, not a yak - I saw a killer inflatable yak article in this month's Audubon Mag and it rekindled my interest in such a toy. I see how much more stable the boat would be and the option of a motor sure makes it interesting too.

I've been tempted to make a trout trip (Nathan sounds like he's up for one) but will start to hit the cape ponds in March most likely. I have a mystery to solve for Mike Powers, international man of mystery. If all goes well I will hop out to the Olympic Peninsula to escort Ryan... I am no bodyguard but maybe I could deploy a diversionary tactic

There are a couple of nice rivers near my home - Nissitissit and Squancook. I've done well when I fished them, but frankly I haven't fished them much. I hear there are some good rivers in Rhody... is it true? Searuns in CT too?

artb 02-28-2001 05:51 AM

RE:Art Burton - did you get the inflatable yak?
Yes Juro, it is true that some of the rivers in CT have see runs, but like everything else pollution has done a number on them. In RI the Pawcatuck has one ocassionally. They also trap Atlantic Salmon at the dam at Potters Hill. It is not legal to fish for them in RI. Wood River the state stocks salmon smolts in the Wood River, but I think the bluefish do a number on them when they go to sea. In Bristol county in Mass. the Palmer River use to have some searun trout in early spring. It also had some great white perch fishing with some as big as 2 pounds. Lots of fun on a fly rod. The American Shad are also available in late April and the month of May, but it is not the fishery it use to be, but it is still there. Perhaps I should have started a new thread, but, Juro I just wanted to answer your question about sea-runs, and I get carried away.

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